August 30, 2014 We are reaching more people than ever– but running out of money from last fundraiser.

Please support our September event or give whatever you can to keep us in business. Please buy your tickets now. Every September we have a fundraising buffet in Somers Point after the public ceremony for Richard Somers. This year, our buffet will be at Gregory’s Restaurant/Bar on 900 Shore Road, in Somers Point at 2:00 pm, right after the public ceremony at the nearby Somers Memorial Park at 803 Shore Road (NOT the Somers Mansion). Tickets are $25 per person. $35 per couple. If you cannot attend this event, please give whatever you can.

What have we done? Look at our Facebook Page at

Four years ago, we testified in Trenton and explained in great detail why another $1.2 billion could not save the Revel Casino. We were there to oppose a special state law rushed through by Republican Governor Christie, and Democrat Senators Whelan, Sweeney, and Lesniak that retroactively nullified a valid petition signed by 1,000 Atlantic City voters which legally entitled them to a public vote on whether City should bail out the Revel with millions of dollars of tax breaks and public improvements paid with borrowed taxpayer money. Since then, we repeatedly warned that ?crony-capitalism? and ?public-private partnerships? to ?revitalize? Atlantic City are killing it with high taxes and “pay to play” politics instead. We ran and continue to run banner ads on Comcast internet saying ?What happens to New Jersey happens to Atlantic City first?.

Two months ago, we were the only group to object to a proposed new Atlantic County tax on every document filed with the county clerk. Both Republican and Democrat freeholders later admitted that the measure would have passed unopposed if it hadn?t been for us.

We are working closely with other conservative, and parent-teacher education groups to tell the truth about how the ?Common Core? curriculum and more standardized tests are dumbing down kids, burning out teachers, and breaking the backs of taxpayers. We are a proud co-sponsor of the ?No Common Core? Symposium in Vineland on September 27. We urge you to attend. For details, please click:

We are now working closely with taxpayer groups in Atlantic City and Galloway who are facing 35% real estate tax hikes. Our founding mission is to teach Americans the knowledge and skills needed to again be effective free citizens. We are also explaining the root causes of outrageously high taxes in NJ. We offer specific, practical steps to cut government spending and borrowing so that taxes can also be cut. For that reason, we are invited by more and more taxpayer groups.

We worked with other conservatives and Second Amendment groups to publicly support Shaneen Allen, the African-American mother of two from Philadelphia, who is now facing a mandatory three year prison sentence. Her crime was volunteering that she had a fully licensed and registered gun in her car when stopped for a lane-change violation in Atlantic County. While that is what the law requires in Pennsylvania, it is a crime in NJ which does not recognized out-of-state permits.

We have the fastest growing conservative presence on Facebook at Our posts reach 10,000 to 20,000 voters each week. Our Facebook page now has 3,338 ?likes?.making us the second most ?liked? conservative Facebook page in New Jersey. Help us reach even more people by ?liking? and ?sharing? our page and our posts, and by making whatever donation you can to ?boost? out posts.

We are running two radio spots each day on the Rush Limbaugh radio program on 1340 and 1230AM radio.

Every September, we join with other groups to remember and honor Somers Point hero Richard Somers. Somers died in Tripoli during America?s first war against Muslim terror in 1804.

For more than 500 years, fanatic Muslim sea fighters from the Turkish Empire and North Africa attacked Christian ships and coastal towns as far away as Ireland. Millions of European Christians were captured and sold as slaves. Rich countries like England, France, and Holland paid tribute and ransoms (bribes) to get some of their people back.

During its first 15 years as an independent nation, the United States also paid these bribes. But in 1798, we had enough. Americans shouted ?Millions for defense! Not one cent for tribute!? We built a new navy to protect our people. Richard Somers of Somers Point was one of the first to join. Go to for rest of story.

Please attend the public ceremony to honor the man and remember his deeds on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 1:00 PM at the Richard Somers Memorial Park, 803 Shore Road, Somers Point. Then please support our fundraising buffet at Gregory?s Restaurant and Bar at 2:00 P.M. immediately after the ceremony.

We meet for breakfast this Saturday and almost every Saturday morning at the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads in Egg Harbor Township by Parkway Exit 36. We begin promptly at 9:30 A.M. and adjourn at 10:30 A.M. Although the formal meeting ends at 10:30, many who do not have other obligations that day often stay longer and continue to talk to the guest speaker and each other until the lunch crowd comes in.

Our breakfast discussions are open to anyone who supports our traditional American system of liberty and wants to learn more about it.

The only admission charge is to order and pay for your own breakfast, and to generously tip your server.

If you like the information you get in these updates, please go to and pay whatever you can to help us send these emails, “boost” our Facebook messages, and run radio ads.

Do you agree with us on any of these issues? Then please don’t keep it to yourself! Forward this email to your friends. Go to our Facebook Page at Please like our page and our posts. Please click the “share” button at the bottom of our posts and your friends also see them. Please copy and paste them to your “Patch” or other local blog. If you think our posts are appropriate for any Facebook group, please let us know how we can post there. This is the only way we can keep reaching thousands of voters for such little money.

Even better, we invite you to repackage our posts as a 150 to 200 word Letter to the Editor of your local paper. You have our permission! If you need more back-up info, contact us at or (609) 927-7333. Tips for good letters and email addresses of major NJ papers are posted on home page of and will soon be posted in “Learn” and “Engage” sections linked to home page.

Please report any errors, including failed links to Please also use that email address to report any items that should be posted on our website or Liberty and Prosperity facebook page or in our next email update. Thanks. Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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