David Goloff

Scooby-Doo – Government Social Engineering ?

Believe it or not – Yes! Here is just one of the articles about this https://tedium.co/2020/04/06/scooby-doo-politics-history Believe it or not, the government and the corporations created this show in order to do social engineering.

Primary Awareness

After Labor Day,  “Vote, Vote, Vote !!!” is loudly proclaimed from the rooftops. But where is all this excitement  about voting in the Primary elections? Real democracy happens in Primary Season – starting in January and ending not long after …

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Linkedin Censorship

I got this when I went to sign in on Linkedin. Notice how there is no explanation of what the “violation” might be.  

National Obama Police ?

Could it be that BLM/Antifa domestic terrorism is the National Police force of which Obama speaks in this video?

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