Ballot Siberia, Stockton Wasteful Spending, Deport Illegal Migrants

Is the NJ voting system rigged via alleged abuse of ballot design?

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When Liberty and Prosperity’s Seth Grossman ran for a Senate seat in the primary election against Vince Polistina, GOP party bosses placed Grossman in column F on the ballot. This placement is also known as Ballot Siberia.

What is Ballot Siberia? It all has to do with the design of the ballot.

Recently, in the Tammy Murphy vs Menedez vs Andy Kim Democratic primary race, a Federal Judge handed down a ruling that basically said, Democrat party leaders can’t pick primary ballot position.

After this Andy Kim (D) court win, Tammy Murphy got out of the NJ Senate race. Gov. Phil Murphy could not influence ballot placement for his wife.

Now that DEM party bosses lost, are GOP party bosses next?

Ballot Column A is highest advantage. Column B, a little less so. But if a candidate is placed in column D or F, it’s almost impossible for voters to find the candidate’s name.

Ballot positions should not be picked by party bosses.

Contributions to inflation:

  • Stockton University now in 4th year of a maple syrup project. A million-dollar, taxpayer funded grant was used.
  • Latino Action Network not happy with Gov Murphy. Taxpayer funds should not go to activist committees.
  • Story of the silver dollar and silver certificate.

NYC mosque helping migrants.

Ramadan celebrates Jihad. Why are so many Muslim migrants coming to America? Muslims typically marry early. Many children. Muslim population growing faster than most other groups.

Critical to deport illegal asylum seekers.

Mark Twain book: Innocence Abroad. Many authors of that time noted Palestine was a barren, empty land.

Some in Gaza are teaching kids to hate and kill Jews. Hamas terrorists embedding themselves within innocent populations like hospitals and schools. This forces Israel to patiently wait out the enemy.

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