Weekly Radio Message: “2000 Mules” Removed. Horrible Hate Crime In Ohio. Partisan Media On Both Sides Avoid Important But ‘Inconvenient’ Stories. Bashaw Wins, Divided NJ Conservatives Lose Primary. Hamas Using Same Wahhabi Playbook from 1831 India.

Producer of 2000 Mules apologizes. Removes book and movie from platform and distribution with this statement last May 31:  “In publishing the film and the book, we relied on representations made to us by Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote, Inc. that the individuals depicted in the videos provided to us by True the Vote, including Mr. Andrews, illegally deposited ballots.  We have learned that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has cleared Mr. Andrews of illegal voting activity in connection with the event depicted in 2000 Mules

ory hate movie Django Unchained was released during December, 2012.  Clink her for link to previous posts:  You searched for django – Liberty and Prosperity

Yet this story was NOT reported by “mainstream” or leftist media.  The following night, ABC news did a major story on the two black girls randomly shot on a New York playground.  However, it did not report anything about the deliberate murder of a three year old white child by a “random” black woman.ules”.  Click here for link to detailed post:  D’Souza Media Group Apologizes. Pulls 2000 Mules Book And Movie From Distribution And All Platforms. – Liberty and Prosperity

Even More Significant:  Although this is a big news story, mainstream conservative media like Fox News and Newsmax have not reported it!  Of course, left-wing and “mainstream” media did report it. 

Cleveland Ohio, horrible murder.  A mother was in the parking lot of a supermarket loading groceries into the trunk of her car.  Her three year old son was in the seat of the shopping card.  A woman randomly approached her son and repeatedly stabbed him.  The child bled to death before the ambulance arrived.  The mother and her child were white.  The woman who randomly attacked and killed the child was Black.  Click here for link to local news report:  Suspect passes mom, toddler in Giant Eagle, then stabs them in parking lot, North Olmsted police say (video) – cleveland.com

These hateful and deadly attacks are NOT random.  They are race hate crimes that have become normal since the fake history hate movie Django Unchained was released during December, 2012.  Clink her for link to previous posts:  You searched for django – Liberty and Prosperity

This is another big problem in America.  Americans can no longer talk to each other about major political issues, because the media refuses to inform us of the same facts!  One of our member, Dr. David Goloff created an online application to quickly observe this media bias.  Learn more by clicking to this link:  Reclaim the News

Reclaim the News dot com. Find out which news outlets report major stories which ones don’t.  Reclaim the News

*Several days later, certain mainstream news outlets did report on this story.  However, the headlines and lead did not mention the race of the murderer or the race of the victim.  Had the races been reversed, race would have been in the headline and made a major story for weeks.

Last Tuesday’s Primary: Democrats: Joe Salerno 400 votes ahead of Tim Alexander. 1,909 mail and messenger ballots must be counted. Why were 1,909 ballots opened early?  Who did it?  What consequences. Mail-in ballots are bad.  But if you’re going to have them, both parties and the candidates need to check for signatures and qualifications of the voters. If you open and counts ballots early, you are defeating safeguards. Unless there is evidence of fraud, those ballots should count. Prosecutors office should be involved: Official Misconduct. Consequences for Public Officials who ignore the law.

Curtis Bashaw won Republican Primary for U.S. Senate. For first time since 2013, a Republican has a chance of winning Statewide. Conservatives divided and disorganized:  Three conservative Republicans running for U.S. Senates got 55% of the vote, a clear majority. Curtis Bashaw, with all that money, and the backing of Chris Christie and all the top political leaders in North and South Jersey got 45%. But the conservatives lost because they didn’t work together, and didn’t even talk to each other.

Upper Township in Cape May County.  10 villages. Marmora, Ocean View Petersburg, Tuckahoe.  Republican majority.  Larry Trulli, who started in politics with the Tea Party is the Republican leader. Republicans run the local government.  And yet the public schools are
run by the woke left and the teacher’s union.  And the woke leftists of Upper Township also dominate Ocean City High School.

Republicans in Upper Township just had a brutal civil war.  And the winners are two cousins of the Palumbo family who are both tied to the public schools. Zach Palumbo is a principal in Cape May and Sam Palumbo is married to an Ocean City High School teacher.

School Boards are elected in November now, and the deadline for getting on the ballot as a candidate is July 29. Details posted on website.

Can a NJ Republican win a US Senate seat for first time in 50 years? Yes.  Democrats divided over Menendez who’s on trial in New York Federal court on corruption charges. Getting paid to do favors for people like Biden, the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi and half of Congress

The Arabic word Muqawama is usually translated as Resistance.  And so Hamas is translated as the Movement for Islamic Resistance.

However, Muqawama is really a military term that means protracted or continuous warfare. The accurate translation of Harakat Muqawama Al Islamiya is the movement for continuous, protracted warfare for Islam.

Hamas is a Wahhabi, Salfi, Muslim Brotherhood organization. God’s Terrorists by Charles Allen explains this in detail.

During the 1700s and 1800s, the followers of a radical Islamic warrior/scholar started a series of brutal and barbaric wars in what is now Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.  His name was Muhammad Wahhab, and his followers were called Wahhabis, Salafis, or Muslim Brotherhoods.  We explain this in detail in previous posts:  Click here for links to:  From Wahhab And Saud, To Taliban And Hamas: Seth Grossman In American Thinker. – Liberty and Prosperity  and Hamas War Against Israel Is Part Of 300 Year Wahhabi War Against Civilization – Liberty and Prosperity and A Spirited Conversation At 2014 Richard Somers Event Ended Up Teaching Us How Wahhabi Extremism Came To Afghanistan 289 Years Ago. – Liberty and Prosperity

The 1831 Wahhabi war in Bengal, near Calcutta, India was typical of most of them.  It used the same playbook used by Hamas against Israel last October 7.  It was started by a violent Wahhabi named Tutu Mir.

Tutu Mir began as a small farmer “with an appetite for violence”.  When his farm failed, he moved to the big city of Calcutta where he became a lethal professional wrestler.  For a while he was also a “lathial” or “big-stick man” who used violence to collect debts for wealthy landlords.  Later, he was a bodyguard for a local Muslim ruler. One of his assignments was escorting his patron on a pilgrimage to Mecca in Arabia. There, he was radicalized by radical Wahhabis, followers of the teachings of Muhammad Wahhab.

When he returned to Calcutta, Tutu Mir attracted a following of nearly a thousand young Muslim men.  Tutu Mir taught them that jihad, or killing non-believers was their most important purpose in life.  Then, Tutu Mir had his followers buy and manufacture primitive, but deadly weapons including rifles, machetes and spears.  They also trained and practiced skills, tactics, and strategies to use them.

Tutu Mir and his followers also took over a small town near Calcutta called Narkelbaria.  They stocked up on food and ammunition and also built a sturdy fortress of bamboo.

When the Wahhabis thought they were strong enough, they attacked neighboring Hindu villages where they committed horrible atrocities. The killed Brahmin priest and sacred cows and dragged the bodies through a Hindu Temple. When the Hindu fought back, the Wahhabis sent messages to Muslims throughout India claiming they were under attack and calling for help.

The Hindus asked for and got support from the British army, who ended up crushing the Wahhabis.  However, Muslims throughout India, including what is now Pakistan, and Afghanistan prepared for even bigger jihads against the Sikhs, Hindus and British in all three countries.   This triggered a massive and brutal jihad throughout India in 1857, and smaller wars and terrorist attacks that are still going on in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan today.  The word “Taliban” means students.  Today’s Taliban in Afghanistan are followers of the teachings of Muhammad Wahhab.

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