Big government, high taxes in NJ shut down Somers Point Dophin Dock, Wildwood’s Bonelli’s Market–not just A.C. casinos.

This year, the Dolphin Dock marina in Somers Point, Bonelli?s Meat Market in Wildwood, and dozens of other small businesses like them shut down and never re-opened.

The reason is simple.?? Government in New Jersey is too big and too expensive.??? Taxes are too high.?? Too many laws and lawsuits do little good for anyone but lawyers, and make insurance, trash disposal and almost everything else too expensive.? Government doubled our electric bills and forces us to pay top dollar fror windmills and solar panels that produce little or no electricity.

New Jersey government is now so bad that even casinos are losing money.?? Learn more over breakfast at 9:30 am ?this Saturday?at the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, by Parkway Exit-36 in Egg harbor Township.?? Or visit our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page.

For the?original Press of Atlantic City news articles, go to:?? and (So far, there is no sign of restaurant construction on the site of the old Dolphin Dock marina.?? Bonelli’s Meat Market building is now vacant and boarded up.

We are local and independent.???We started with 18 people right here in Linwood in?Atlantic County in?2003–six years before the first “Tea Party”.?? ?We don?t get money from any billionaires.? Not conservatives like a nickel from billionaires like conservative Charles or David Koch, or so called “progressives” like?George Soros or Warren Buffet.???So please, donate $30 or whatever you can so we can keep sending messages like these.?? thanks you for your support.


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