Birthday Reflection, Still Obsessed With Liberty And Prosperity

Seth Grossman turning 75 yrs of age. A time to reflect. Still passionate, obsessed with Liberty and Prosperity project.

Some topics discussed on the April 13, 2024 episode of ‘Talk with a Purpose’ radio show with host John Demasi.

Our culture seems to be normalizing crime and bad behavior.

Morality of the Bible. Rules to live in peace with each other.

Hebrew civilization.

Threat of Holy War if you don’t embrace a particular religion.

1776. USA created. Declaration of Independence. Freedom to work hard and build wealth.

Culture War.

French Revolution. Rich vs Poor. Social Justice.

BLM. Reparations.

Judeo-Christian way of life.

Wahabi version of Islam. Radical Jihadists.

Western world shared their advanced military weaponry with radicals.

What to do? Pay attention. Hold leadership accountable. Avoid superficial issues.

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