Brian Fitzherbert Talks with Anne Baker, WOND Radio.

Brian Fitzherbert Talks with Anne Baker on WOND Radio.

Another Fitzherbert Friday.

Special guest: Paul Kanitra (R) is a member of the New Jersey General Assembly.

Topics include: Illegal immigration. So-called asylum seekers.

Iron Dome. Protecting Israel.

Border security. Just processing aliens.

If you let the third world in, you become the third world.

  • Brian Fitzherbert

    Brian T. Fitzherbert is the vice-president and treasurer of Liberty and Prosperity. He also leads its breakfast discussions each Saturday in Somers Point. Fitzherbert also manages social media, radio messaging and special events for the organization. Since 2019, Fitzherbert has been a regular guest every Friday on “Talking with Anne” on WOND News Talk Radio.

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