Buffet’s Press of AC finally reports Route 47 death trap, but. . .

Press of Atlantic City, now owned by Obama?s ?progressive? billionaire Warren Buffet, finally reported 82 people killed on Route 47 between Millville and Wildwood during past 25 years–not counting Rt 347 shortcut. Press doesn?t mention obvious solution–finish Route 55, a modern 4-lane divided highway to by-pass death-traps. But Sierra Club and ?progressive? environmentalists would rather kill?more people than inconvenience a few frogs and squirrels. Unions and politicians would rather spend Delaware River Bridge toll money on big salaries and pet projects. . . $6 billion from Feds for ?Pulaski Skyway? over swamp between Ocean City and Somers Point to replace two simple drawbridges. . . Toll and stimulus money for extra lanes on Parkway and AC Expressway–but not a dime to complete Route 55. Why does Buffet?s Press of AC publish only their opinions, but not ours??? ?http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/statistics-tell-the-story-of-danger-on-route/article_5012e7dc-202d-11e4-9fe9-001a4bcf887a.html.? To help get our message out, please like?Liberty and Prosperity on Facebook.

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