Callaway, Civil War, Migrant Invasion, Deportation, Jihad, No-Filter Trump.

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Topics discussed:

Craig Callaway Shares Election Tactics.

Craig Callaway will be keynote speaker at the upcoming Liberty and Prosperity fundraiser on Feb 17.

Callaway is a most successful, grass roots vote getter. A pioneer in messenger and vote by mail tactics. He has much to share, much to teach. Especially for Republicans.

Drifting into 2nd Civil War?

Southern border. Is Texas being invaded? Was January 6 an insurrection?

24 governors openly support Texas, now sending resources.

Lawsuits against Trump.

False accusations. Get Trump tied up in court.

‘She’s ugly and she’s not my type’. Referring to Jean Carroll. Trump not thinking before talking.

Importance of prepping for depositions. Testimony. Do not ramble on. Don’t get provoked. Don’t fall for bait.

10 Immigration Talking Points

found on Liberty and Prosperity website.

No mass immigration like this ever in history of America. In 1920,  they passed limits on immigration. Capped at 100,000 each year.

Real meaning of Statue of Liberty.

Mass Deportation Needed.

Eventually we have to stop immigration. Must reverse it too. Deportation. Otherwise, eventually our grandkids will become minorities in their own country.

Recently at the Margate Jewish Community Center, a riveting presentation about Israel. Cult of Islam. Jihad. USA currently losing this war.

Notable: ADL leader invited Seth Grossman to event. Many now apologizing to Seth.

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