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Iowa caucuses. Trump, DeSantis, Haley and Ramaswamy. If it comes down to a two person race, will Trump pick up the votes of the people who drop out and have an overwhelming majority, or will it be a 50/50 split?

Listen to Seth Grossman on WPG Radio ‘Talk With A Purpose’ show from January 20, 2024.

Intrusive survey that’s mailed out to about 10% of the the households in America called the American Community Survey.

If you don’t add answer all these intrusive questions about your race, your ethnic background when you’re sick, what doctor you see, what cooking fuel you use, all that stuff that you are threatened with, $100 fine for each question you don’t answer and a $500 fine if you make a a willfully false statement.

I was certain that this thing started with Obama.

But like so many woke Democrat agenda items and this whole survey started with the George Bush administration in 2005 with the Republican Senate and Republican House of Representative that authorized the Census Bureau to do this basically unconstitutional census to gather facts to promote awoke.

So what happens if you don’t answer the questions, even though it says or they tell you that you will be fined in the since in 2005 there has not been a single person charged with a penalty who refused to answer the survey.

Dave Goloff put together My Take Live and I’ve been using it to get the news since I’ve been in Florida this week and it’s absolutely amazing.

He has all the major news outlets divided into left wing, right wing and mainstream and it’s incredible.

So many really important stories are covered by the left, but not by the right? In other words, they’d be covered by MSNBC, but not by Fox.

And a lot of stuff that’s of interest to both the left and the right is not mentioned at all in the mainstream media.

News is being spoon fed to different people on the left and the right.

Craig Callaway will be speaking to us on February 17. Our fundraiser.

People who were shocked during the 2020 election, when they, you know, go to bed at night and they see that Trump is leading in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, and then they wake up the next day and they find out that that Trump is losing in those states. And they’re saying, well, how could that possibly happen?

Our motto, what happens to America happens to Atlantic City first.

In 2001 Jim Whalen was running as an independent for mayor of Atlantic City against the Democrat named Lorenzo Langford. And when everybody went to to bed on election night in Atlantic City in 2001, of course, Whalen, the independent was winning. And then two days later, of course, Langford, the Democrat won overwhelmingly because of 1500 paper ballots that had been gathered by Craig Calloway, our guest. Speaker.

So Craig will be explaining how that happens and how what was a shock in Atlantic City in 2001 has become normal in the rest of America 20 years later, and it’s it’s it’s very interesting.

And just like with that American Community Survey, you know, the paper ballots, the election season, the early voting, all that mishmash, it didn’t start with Obama. It was Republican President Bush and Republican Congress that did to help America Vote Act of 2000. One that gave us this nonsense and Craig Calloway figured it out and used it to his advantage.

And you know, you could either learn from him or he could ignore him. The choice is yours.

In 1973, the Saudis pumped billions of dollars every year to promote this radical doctrine and this intolerant and violent doctrine. That’s what you see in these pro Hamas demonstrations around New York City and America today.

13 basic facts about Islam.

Learning about the Nazis and the Japanese during World War 2, before we could defeat them, we have to know what they’re all about.

January, which in New Jersey is Muslim Heritage month.

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