Campus Anti-Semitism, Callaway Guest Speaker.

Every Saturday morning, Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity is featured on WPG Radio’s ‘Talk with a Purpose.’

Listen to audio from Nov 11, 2023.

Topics discussed:

Low turnout election. Usually benefits Republicans. Why Republicans did so poorly.

How abortion issues affect elections.

Campus Chaos. Woke history being taught. Rise in anti-Semitism. White supremacy narrative. Student protestors supporting Hamas terrorist group.

The March on Washington.

Hamas is a Wahabi group. Extremist jihad. Brutal sect.


The Liberty and Prosperity Teaching Calendar is now available. Success stories. Non-woke history.

Atlantic City Councilman Jesse Kurtz victorious in 6th ward. A model for how Republicans can win in Democrat towns.

February 2024 L&P fundraiser. Craig Callaway will be the guest speaker. ‘How to win in this current system.’ More details on the way.

NOTE: Grossman filling in for host John Demasi on WPG Radio on Nov 18.

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