Can the Electrical Grid support Electric Vehicles?

The Murphy Energy Plan requires 330,000 Electric Vehicles on New Jersey roads by 2025.  There are currently about 40,000 EV’s in the state.  Can this goal be met and can the PJM grid in New Jersey meet the electrical demand? It is unclear the goal can be met but evidence from the United Kingdom shows the New Jersey grid may be inadequate to meet the electrical demands.

The UK has 300,000 EV’s on the road and is now limiting the time available to charge EV’s at home because the National Grid cannot handle the demand. The UK electrical capacity is 85,000 MW while New Jersey capacity is slightly over 17,000 MW. The Murphy plan has more EV’s than the UK with only one quarter the generating capacity.

The UK has almost 30% of its electricity generating capacity in unreliable wind (25%) and solar (4%). Is this the cause of the inadequate grid, it is unclear from this article? It is a concern because the Murphy plan requires 50% of New Jersey electricity to be generated by unreliable wind and solar by 2030.

The grid’s ability to charge electric vehicles is not discussed in New Jersey. Governor Murphy and the BPU should explain how they will prevent this problem from developing here.



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