Which candidates for Governor and State Senate and Assembly support our views on these 7 Key Issues?

During our weekly Saturday breakfast meetings at the Shore Diner, we at LibertyAndProsperity.org agreed on these positions for 7 Key Issues facing New Jersey.?? Which candidates for Governor, State Senate, and State Assembly support our views?? It is not too late to search for new candidates to run in the June Primary Elections for both Republicans and Democrats.

  1. Don?t bail out junk debt of corrupt and mismanaged NJ authorities like the NJ Transportation Trust Fund Authority.? Roll back the 23 cent gas tax hike.? The tax hike has nothing to do with building and fixing roads.? The gas tax was raised to bail out Transportation Trust Fund junk bonds that were issued without voter approval and then borrow even more!? Because $16 billion was borrowed without voter approval, investors are getting high tax free interest for their “risky” investment.?? Taxpayers have no legal or moral obligation to bail out these bonds.?? Details are posted on www.RepudiateNJ.com??
  2. Save NJ public employee/teacher/police/firefigher pension systems by capping pensions at $50K.? Why should rank and file career workers get cuts in their pensions, while political insiders who paid peanuts into the system juice up their pensions by getting plum political jobs and pay hikes just before they retire to get $100,000+ pensions?
  3. Don?t force public employees to join unions or pay union dues without their consent. ? Right now, 103,000 public school teachers in NJ are forced to pay $1,100 dues to three highly political unions every year.?? This gives those unions more than $103 million per year and partly explains why government spending, borrowing, and taxes are so high in New Jersey
  4. Reduce public and public school employee salaries to be comparable to private citizens doing same work.?? There is no excuse for public “servants” to get automatic pay hikes every year, while almost everyone else in New Jersey is earning less.
  5. Get rid of PILOT (Peanuts in Lieu of Taxes) for Atlantic City casinos and outlet shops. ? One? reason taxes are so high in Atlantic City and Atlantic County is that all Atlantic City casinos, 110 Tanger Outlet shops, and 3,900 units of public and “affordable” housing don’t have to pay any tax hikes for next ten years and everyone else has to make up the difference.
  6. Cut electric bills by ending subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels.? This is why electric rates have gone up while the cost of making electricity has gone down.?? This is why NJ electric bills are roughly three times higher than they need to be and are among the highest in the nation.
  7. Allow pipelines underneath roads in Pinelands to bring cheap and abundant Pennsylvania natural gas to heat South Jersey homes and power our generators.?? These pipelines will not hurt the environment or our water supply in any way.?? The professionals organizing these protests are doing it to advance their personal political agendas, and to shake the utilities for “donations” and “grants”? to their organizations.?? Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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