Can’t Help A Family Homeschool? Then Run For Your Local School Board In Nov. 2 Election. 15 Signature Petition Must Be Filed With County Clerk by Monday, Jul 26!

During the past year, many Americans learned for the first time how dysfunctional, useless, and even harmful our public schools have become.  One of our former members, Bob Marcino, recognized and studied this problem years ago.  He published this book in 2005 while an adjunct professor in Stockton University’s Business School.

Marcino had just retired as a full partner from America’s largest accounting firm in Atlanta. Marcino was shocked by the poor performance of his college business students.  He applied his lifetime of business experience to study our public schools.  He published his findings in a book with the title “Public Education – Blow It Up And Start Over”.  According to Marcino,

“The cumulative effects of misguided theories, stifling unions, bloated bureaucracies, and absentee parents have created a public education process that is leading us toward second-rate status as a nation.  Only total transformation, forced by school choice, can restore educational value.  Parents, seniors, and our young teachers can lead the effort”.

Marcino soon became frustrated with New Jersey and moved first to North Carolina, then to Delaware.

If you are unable to help a family homeschool or send their children to a suitable private school, consider being a candidate for your local school board.

It is very easy to become a candidate for the November 2 School Board Election.  You need to file a petition signed by ten registered voters in the district with your County Clerk by 4pm Monday, July 26.

Of course, you should get at least five signatures more than you need.  You should also file your petition early, so you can correct any deficiencies before the final deadline.

There is no downside.  Even if you fail to win election, you were learn a lot about our public schools and about government and politics just by being a candidate.  You will also quickly find out who in your community wants to fix the problems in our schools and who does not. is a non-political education organization.   We cannot campaign for or against candidates.  However, we can and do give candidates who support our goals important skills, contacts, and resources to make them more effective.

If you want to be a candidate for your local school board, please begin by contacting the office of your local superintendent to find out the names of current board members, and which are up for election.  Remember that many towns have two school districts – a local district for their elementary schools and a regional district for their high school.

Once you decide to be a candidate, please print your petition and get instructions from the following links:

Atlantic County Clerk, 5901 Main Street, Mays Landing, NJ  08330.  Tel: (609) 909-5839

Click Here for Atlantic County Clerk Election Page:  Elections – Atlantic County Clerk’s Office

Click Here for Atlantic County Clerk Single Candidate Petition:  School-Board-Petition-2021.pdf (

Click Here for Atlantic County Clerk Petition for Bracketed Slate of Candidates:  School-Board-Petition-2021-Joint.pdf (

Click Here for Cape May County Clerk School Board Elections Page:  Cape May, NJ Elections (

Click Here for Cape May County Clerk Single Candidate Petition Form:  School-Nominating-Petition_Individual-2021.pdf (

Click Here for Cape May County Clerk Petition for Bracketed Slate of Candidates:  School-Nominating-Petition_Joint-2021.pdf (

Ocean County Clerk Posted This Message On His Website:  “Nominating Petitions are due to be filed in the County Clerk’s Office by 4PM, Monday, July 26th. Please call our office at (732) 929-2153 if you have any questions or require assistance.

Click Here for NJ School Boards Association “Becoming A School Board Member – Candidates Kit”:  Becoming A School Board Member: Candidate Kit – New Jersey School Boards Association (

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