Casino PILOT Update, AC Airshow Taxpayer Bailout, DEI Inflation,

Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity is the featured guest each Saturday at 9:15 am, on WPG Radio’s ‘Talk with a Purpose’.

Topics discussed on the March 23, 2024 show include:

America losing wars since 1946. Our culture rewards mediocrity. Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Inflation. Printing fake dollars. Forced to spend $ on DEI efforts. Forced to buy into so called ‘green energy’.

Sympathetic to Grossman’s argument and Liberty and Prosperity as well.

Atlantic City Casino PILOT: Payment In Lieu Of Taxes.

Why do casinos get a break while residents pay more? NJ State atty was on the hot seat. We should have a court ruling in the next month or so.

Former NJ Gov Christie should get much of the blame. He supported NJ State take-over of AC in 2010. He allowed Atlantic City to run at a deficit. Christie violated local budget law. Christie was running for president at the time. Put AC $400mil in debt.

Liberty and Prosperity has 50/50 chance of winning this case.

The New Jersey Constitution. All taxes must apply to all. Stop politicians from giving out special deals.

Hard to believe: ‘Casinos are blighted areas in need of redevelopment’.

Did AC Mayor Small and NJ Gov Murphy save Atlantic City Airshow?

No. Not really. They threw taxpayer funds at the financially fragile, AC Airshow.

The SJTA, South Jersey Transportation Authority had an extra $300k lying around. Slush fund? Used it to bail out the 2024 AC Air Show.

Local media made Murphy and Small look like heroes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It could be argued that the Atlantic City Air Show got it’s start in back in 1946 with the Blue Angels Air Circus. A way for the US NAVY to lobby congress for more funding.

The US Air Force created the Thunderbirds to accomplish the same objective.

Each Atlantic City Airshow costs approx $15-18 mil to produce. The taxpayer funded $300k from SJTA is for local promotion only.

Ralph Hunter. Noyes Garage. Black History. Benjamin Hooks. Naming of MLK BLVD. Black community was quite advanced and self-reliant.

Grossman on AC City Council in 1987.

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