Thank you, for celebrating Richard Somers, An American Hero!

richard somers ii

Over 120 people gathered at Somers Mansion to celebrate Richard Somers Day this past Monday. ?This is our largest gathering ever for this annual event! ? We thank everyone who attended and all who played any role in bringing and/or notifying others about this event.

We learned why?Thomas Jefferson searched the bookshops of London to get an English translation of the Koran in 1786, while U.S. Ambassador to France. We also learned why he sent the newly created U.S. fleet to North Africa when he became President. And why Richard Somers, of Somers Point died at age 26 in Tripoli (Libya) in 1804.

(NBC 40 News coverage of the event)

We apologize for not thanking you sooner. ? A car crashed into a utility pole near our Somers Point offices and had left us without power and Internet since Sunday. ? Executive Director, Seth Grossman, will have more to share about this event once power is restored.

For more information on Richard Somers read Seth Grossman’s essay,?Richard Somers is a homegrown American hero.

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