Remembering Richard Somers of Somers Point

For over five hundred years, fanatic Muslim sea fighters from Turkey and North Africa attacked Christian ships and coastal towns as far away as Ireland.?? Millions of Europeans were captured and sold as slaves.

Rich countries like England and France gave up fighting and paid the Muslims? blackmail, called tribute at the time, to keep their people safe. But, in seventeen-ninety-eight, the United States had enough. We decided to spend ?millions for defense and not one cent for tribute.? So, we built a new navy with young men like Richard Somers of Somers Point.

In just a few years, these young Americans amazed and inspired the world with their skill and courage. They ended Muslim attacks on the West for almost 200 years.

Richard Somers died in Tripoli in September of 1804, fighting these Barbary pirates.

We invite you and your children to hear the story of Master Commandant Richard Somers.

Please join us as we remember him Saturday, September fourth, at twelve noon at the Somers Monument on Shore Road in Somers Point. Our fundraising buffet will follow at Gregory?s restaurant across the street.

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