Christie Lied, DEI for Pilots, AC Teen Murders Rising

William Penn founded Philadelphia. He brought that Quaker philosophy of empowering women, opposing all wars. Opposing slavery and and making sure that Native Americans got treated fairly and got a full price for their land and were integrated into society. And of course the Biden administration rewarded that progressive, tolerant, peaceful vision of America. By trying to remove William Penn statue from Philadelphia last week.

There was such an uproar, the Biden administration backed down, and William Penn will remain at that historic park in Philadelphia by the Liberty Bell.

Listen to audio from Seth Grossman appearance, Jan. 13, 2024. WPG Radio. Talk with a Purpose with John Demasi.

Yearly fundraiser will be February 17th and our featured speaker will be Craig Callaway of Atlantic City and he really plays into our theme.  

What happens to America. Happens to Atlantic City 1st.

Because one of the big issues right now for 2024 election is what happened in the election four years ago. Was the election stolen? And of course, Craig Callaway could answer a very simple question. Why did Republican Congressman Jeff Andrew win? 

Attacking Chris Christie in 2013, I ran against him in the Republican primary when he was running for reelection, and even many of my friends and supporters said I was nuts because at that time, Christie was polling at 60% approval and everybody loved Chris Christie. And the media loved Chris Christie. And of course, the Democrat media loved Chris Christie because he had embraced Barack Obama and helped him get elected.

Chris Christie got millions of dollars for a program called stronger than the Storm, which allowed a state government to advertise on the older TV stations and all the top newspapers, which meant that none of the media would say anything negative about Chris Christie, because they didn’t want to lose the advertising money so that so there he was at this unprecedented.

Chris Christie is gonna crash because everything he was saying was a lie. He lied about Atlantic City, remember, during Hurricane Sandy,

Trump is riding high in the polls and Fox News has nothing bad about Trump. Everything’s wonderful.  What is it that happened when Trump was president? Even though his signature issue was ending illegal immigration, Trump stopped deporting illegals unless they committed other crimes.

American Community Survey. And basically about 10% of all households got this inclusive form from the Census Bureau. That takes you 40 minutes to fill out. And you have to give details about your race, the ethnic group, your income of everybody in your household, how many rooms you have in your house, how much you pay your per rent, how you heat your home, how you cook your food, what kind of car.

You have your citizenship, your ancestry, your employment, and if you don’t do it. They tell you you’re in violation of the law and you’re going to be fined $100. And if you lie on the form, you’re going to be punished and fined for $500.00. So a couple of people who are our Members got this form. They said no, it’s unconstitutional.

The purpose of the census is to have a survey every 10 years to see who’s living in your house. So we know how many congressmen. Which state is supposed to get? This is all intrusive and they force you to do it every year and they tell you if you don’t fill it out, someone’s gonna be knocking on your door to force you. And if you don’t cooperate with that person, you’re going to be punished. And it’s ironic because as

I pointed out when Trump was first elected in in 2016, he tried to get the Census Bureau to ask people are you a legal citizen or or or you legally in this country? And the courts would not allow that? Question to be put on the census form and now you have 10% of Americans getting this intrusive thing, and it’s obvious that that the only purpose is. To show you know that some groups are, you know, are are victims because of race or ethnic background. So we can have more diversity, more affirmative action, more equity and all that stuff.

The pilot called Sullenberger or Sully, had to land in the Hudson River. Not a single person died in what could have been a major. When you hire pilots of planes, don’t you want the most skillful people you could find? Because right now the government is trying to say we have to have diversity in pilots and so people who do not have the necessary skills will be giving preference.

So they could be pilots of airplanes and when you take off, don’t you want the person who has, you know that you know The Who? Who’s that really devoted their whole life to perfecting a skill as opposed to picking someone just because they’re of a certain? Ethnic group

Atlantic City. January 6, a 14 year old boy was shot in the head and died.

And I believe we had four murders, mostly teenagers in Atlantic City. Mostly young black children. And imagine the outrage when a criminal who resisted arrest died from an overdose of of drugs, and yet the whole country protested that injustice. But these murders?

In deaths of black young men are just totally ignored. No political gain to be pointing out what’s responsible.

Christmas concert. Galloway Public Schools. No Christmas songs. Just Kwanzaa and so on.

February has become Black History Month.

Shouldn’t there be some mention somewhere in our public schools to mention to honor and remember George Washington and Abraham Lincoln?


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