Christmas Blackout

Here is a climate cult article (1) that blames the threatened Christmas blackout on the consumer, and fossil fuels Industry.  It completely ignores the real blackout cause which is the increasing penetration of unreliable intermittent wind and solar replacing reliable natural gas and coal.

Cold temperatures are not new, coal and natural gas reliability supplied electricity for many years, you merely turned up the thermostat and complained later about the price.  Now wind and solar supply increasing amounts of grid electricity and when they fail to perform (2) in the cold the remaining reliable natural gas and coals plants are unable to make up the short fall.

The Vox article does not suggest increasing the wind power output as cold and electricity demand increases. Instead it reveals the climate cult solution to decreasing available power, Do Without It..   Instead, shift the time of when you use power to when it is available, not when you when you require it. Make this action sound exciting by calling it Shape Demand.

Support `Shape Demand’ by installing Smart Meters whose purpose is to shut off your electricity if demand increases. Rely on power from storage batteries that can last only about four hours, are fantastically expensive and must be charged by the same unreliable wind power that cannot provide power when you initially require it.

Instead of `shaping demand’ the wind and solar industries should provide reliable energy (3)

The Vox article lays out the Climate Cult future of renewable energy; expect blackouts, decrease your power use and adapt to a society of sometime electricity.






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