Climate Alarmists Are Wrong And Make Things Worse.

Don’t be fooled.  Follow the real science on climate change & so-called “green energy”.  Climate has been changing for billions of years since earth was formed.  Most global warming today started when the last ice age ended ten thousand years ago.  Real scientists, like Michael Shellenberger,  know that man-made warming is slight and manageable.  Only nuclear can end most fossil fuel use.  That’s how France did it.  Solar and wind are weak and unreliable.  They can’t be stored.  They need lots of fossil fuel back-up.  Wind & solar projects profit from fraud, taxes, & higher rates—not their so-called “green” energy.

Climate alarmists are wrong and make things worse.  They benefit nobody but big corporations,  government politicians, bureaucrats,  contractors. . .  and of course  Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Communist China, Russia, and Venezuela.

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