If There Were A Climate “Crisis”, Would Ocean & Bayfront Homes In Longport & Ocean City Be Selling At Record High Prices?

Cut greenhouse gases now, groups tell Murphy



`…as well as how the reductions will be achieved by denying permits for new fossil-fuel projects.’

Advocates repeatedly argued the need to stop new fossil-fuel projects, including new pipelines and natural-gas power plants. “Natural gas is not a bridge to the future but a highway over a cliff,’’

`That charge comes as evidence of climate change is mounting across the globe, according to the petition. “Not a day goes by without headlines reporting record-breaking heat waves, droughts, unprecedented flooding, raging wildfires and stronger and more frequent hurricanes,’’ the 21-page petition from Empower NJ said.’



From Alex Epstein Energy Talking Points

While climate catastrophists claim that our climate is less livable than ever because of fossil fuels, it is actually more livable than ever thanks to our fossil fuel powered climate protection systems. Rising CO2 levels will cause mild, manageable warming as well as significant global greening–not a crisis.

Quick summary

  1. When you hear scary claims about a “climate crisis,” keep in mind that climate catastrophists have been claiming climate crisis for 40 years. For example, Obama science advisor John Holdren predicted in the 1980s that we’d have up to 1 billion climate deaths today.1
  2. After 40 years of “climate crisis” predictions by climate catastrophists, human beings are safer than ever from climate. The climate death rate has decreased by *98%* over the last century.2
  3. Fossil fuels were supposed to make climate far more dangerous in the last 40 years but they have actually made it far safer by providing low-cost power for the amazing machines that protect us against storms, protect us against extreme temperatures, and alleviate drought.3
  4. Fossil fuels’ CO2 emissions have contributed to the warming of the last 170 years, but that warming has been mild and manageable—1 degree Celsius, mostly in the colder parts of the world.4
  5. Fossil fuels’ CO2 emissions have not only contributed to mild and manageable warming, they have also caused the benefit of significant global greening. Thanks to fossil fuels the Earth is far greener than it was just 40 years ago.5
  6. If the world continues using fossil fuels to provide reliable, low-cost energy to billions of people, the result will not be a climate crisis but continued manageable warming, significant greening, and a far better life for billions of people.
  7. If America tries to rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use through a Green New Deal or Biden Climate Plan we will not prevent a crisis, we will cause a crisis by making energy completely unreliable and unaffordable for American industry and American consumers.


References are available at https://energytalkingpoints.com/climate-crisis/

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