Fight Facebook Lies On “Global Warming” Now Known As “Climate Change”.

“Global Warming” has been going on since the last Ice Age ended some 10,000 years ago.  When the giant ice sheets that once covered most of New Jersey melted, sea levels rose.  This probably explain why so many cultures around the world have flood legends similar to the Bible story of Noah.

Virtually every environmental or energy article today predicts impending catastrophe. Every environmental change is for the worst. Every environmental catastrophe assertion and prediction does not have to be proven; it must be disproven. For example, every time a storm arrives the climate alarmists claim it is proof of climate change and increasing extreme weather. Are these assertions correct and how do you show they are incorrect? Instead of ignoring and tacitly accepting these assertions, there are two new websites that provide short, brief and documented evidence on various environmental predictions.

One is `Talking Points’, by Alex Epstein, which is designed to supply political candidates with facts. All statements by Epstein are documented with verifiable references. Even if you are not running for office, take a look at the points.  They are excellent for letters and just discussion.

The second website is The Heartland Institute `Climate at a Glance’ series.  This site is similar to Talking Points but provides some additional information.

Both sites are excellent sources of information.


We are a group of 150 ordinary citizens who mostly live near Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We volunteer our time and money to maintain this website. We do our best to post accurate information. However, we admit we make mistakes from time to time.  If you see any mistakes or inaccurate, misleading, outdated, or incomplete information in this or any of our posts, please let us know. We will do our best to correct the problem as soon as possible.  Thanks.


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