“Climate Change”? Trump Should Also Talk About Ice Age, Noah’s Flood & Pennsylvania Fossil Ferns.

NASA map showing location of giant ice sheets that covered much of America and New Jersey during four “ice ages”.  They began when the earth began to cool about 2.5 million years ago and may still be in the process of ending as the earth becomes warmer.

When asked how he would respond to “Climate Change” during the debate, Trump responded that the Democrat “Green New Deal” would raise prices, kill jobs, and push millions into poverty.  He also said the “Paris Accords” on Climate Change” were a fraud and bad deal for America.  This is because they would cripple American factories with restrictions and hidden taxes, while letting China and India pollute as much as they want.

However, I hope that in the future, President Trump will also explain that the whole idea that humans in general and Americans in particular are causing “Climate Change” may bad science rather than “settled science”.  An easy way to do that is to talk about The Ice Age, Noah’s Flood, and Fossil Ferns of Pennsylvania.

“Global Warming” and “Climate Change” are “settled science”.  We all agree that the earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years.

From “How The Ice Age Shaped New York”, New York Times, June 5, 2018.

The “errant rocks” or “erratics” of Long Island and North Jersey and the unique sand of our South Jersey beaches are proof that most of New Jersey was covered by giant sheets of ice during four separate “ice ages” that started more than two million years ago.   The last “Ice Age” or “Pleistocene” ended just over 10,000 years ago when the earth got warmer.   It appears the earth has been getting warmer ever since.

New  data from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover suggests that similar warming and cooling took place on the planet Mars which, of course, has no humans. (However, 95% of the thin atmosphere of Mars consists of the “greenhouse gas” carbon dioxide.)

What caused this warming?  Scientists don’t know.  How much, if any of this warming is caused by humans?  Scientists obviously don’t know that either.  Source:  https://www.space.com/16907-what-is-the-temperature-of-mars.html (National Geographic)

President Trump is NOT a “science denier” when he opposes extreme measures that would raise gas and electric prices and create shortages to “stop climate change”.  He is simply saying we need to know more about what is causing “climate change” before we take such drastic measures.

The Biblical story of Noah’s Flood also suggests that global warming has been going on for thousands of years. That story (together with many similar flood stories in other cultures around the world) is consistent with the rapid rise of sea levels as ice sheets melted during the past 15,000 years.

Finally, fossils of ferns and other tropical plants in Central Pennsylvania suggest that the Earth was once much warmer than it is today.  The above fossil ferns are found in lumps of coal found near Pottstown, Pennsylvania.   Scientists believe that most of Pennsylvania was a tropical swamp during the “Carboniferous Period” some 325 million years ago.

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