College Board fixed last year’s problem of low SAT scores. They dumbed down test this year.

Last year, the College Board was worried by?low SAT score?that showed most high school seniors could not do??college work.??See Last week, they?fixed the problem–by dumbing down the tests!?? See There will be no essay, simpler language will be used, and ?the math section will draw on fewer topics?.??? This is? ?to help bridge economic and demographic barriers?.?? The new test will also encourage guessing by removing penalties?for wrong answers.?? The SAT test will go well with the new ?Common Core? curriculum.???This is part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”.?? Work, preparation,?achievement,?and success mean nothing.? Diversity, ethnic background, and political correctness mean everything.?? Speaking of Common Core, our vice-president?Charles Fischer and his wife were shocked to find it?in their kids’?local Catholic school when they tried to avoid it in public school.

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