Concerns Over Curriculum, CRT, Gender Propaganda

The world continues to change, and we Americans need to Do More Than Vote.

Are you concerned about curriculums and what your children and grandchildren are being taught in school?

Do you believe that your children and grandchildren should be indoctrinated with critical race theory, gender and pronoun propaganda, inappropriate books with sexual content, and other radical ideologies in elementary school? If not, then get involved and join us at Liberty and Prosperity.

We are a Nonprofit organization that informs and educates citizens about government and strives to show how Americans can be free and effective citizens in their community.

We all need to Do More Than Vote.

Help Liberty and Prosperity reach more people. Join our weekly breakfasts. Become a member. Donate what you can to keep our Nonprofit organization growing.

Concerns Over Curriculum, CRT, Gender Propaganda.

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