Hate-America, Hate-Trump Propaganda From “Woke” Billionaires And Their Corporations Is In Your Face Wherever You Turn

Screen Shot Of Microsoft 365 Home Page, July 11, 2020.

Nothing unusual.  Just a typical day.  Of 32 articles posted on the top third of the Microsoft 365 Home Page, 21 had political messages.  Thirteen were direct attacks on President Trump by his political opponents.  Seven portrayed white Americans in general (such as long dead John Wayne) as ignorant or bigoted.  One promoted an LGBTQ message.  Not one article said anything positive about conservative, pro-American, constitutional issue or personality.  Not one article said anything critical or negative against anyone who was non-white or a Democrat.  Not one article featured any story putting Trump, Republicans, Christians, Jews, Israel, or traditional American values in a positive light.

This is no accident.  We see this every day.  We see the same “news” on the Google, MSNBC, Yahoo and other big corporate home pages.  Americans need to assume every “news” story on TV or radio, or in any daily newspaper or online newsfeed is political propaganda.  We have to assume every post is deliberately designed to destroy America as a nation of Constitution, laws, equal justice under the law, and equal and “unalienable” rights for each individual.  We also have to assume that this “news” deliberately leaves out the most important and relevant information we need to know for that same reason.   We need to develop routines to find that information elsewhere.  We then need to tell the truth to our friends and especially to our children and grandchildren as often as we can.

There is only one difference between “news” in America today, and the propaganda used by Nazi and Communist dictators in the past.  At least people in those countries could avoid the propaganda by not reading the regimes newspapers, not watching their movies, and not listening to their radio stations.  We in America today do not have that luxury.  The hate-America propaganda of “woke” billionaires and their giant corporations are in our faces wherever we go.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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