CRDA Spending Time, Money Getting Drug, Crime Infested Rooming Houses Out of Atlantic City. Hansen “Charity” Applying for More.

Since February of last year, CRDA has been doing everything it could to shut down drug and crime infested rooming houses in Atlantic City.  CRDA originally was the “Casino Reinvestment Development Authority” that  spent money collected from a special state tax skimmed from the gross win of  each Atlantic City casino.  It has run most of Atlantic City’s government since the state takeover of Atlantic City four years ago.

Meanwhile, the “Hansen Foundation”, a well funded “charity” set up by the family that owns Ole Hansen & Sons and the Margate Bridge, and that developed Hidden Creek and Blue Heron has been doing the opposite.  It has been buying elegant homes in one-family zoned neighborhoods and turning them into “Class F Boarding Houses” for “recovering” drug and alcohol addicts in Atlantic City and Ventnor.

Its application to approve its most recent drug/alcohol rehab boarding house on 16 Tallahassee Avenue, in Atlantic City will be heard by the Atlantic City Zoning Board of Adjustment at 10 AM on Tuesday, August 27 on Zoom.  Here is the link to the Application:  CONTRACTOR (    To log into the meeting, Click “Upcoming Meetings”, “Zoning Board of Adjustment” or “Calendar” for July 27 at The Official Website of City of Atlantic City, NJ – Home ( Also, Click here for more details.

CORRECTION:  I just removed a portion of the post which implied that the Hansen Foundation had been used as a vehicle to financially benefit the Hansen family through tax free transactions and transfers of wealth from parent to child.  That was based on an incorrect interpretation of Schedule J of the 2019 Form 990 Tax Return of Hansen Foundation, Inc. shown below.  On July 26, 2021, Jennifer Hansen advised me that neither she nor her father received any money from any charity “related” to the Hansen Foundation.  She said that the “related” organization was Ole Hansen & Sons, Inc., her family’s business.  Jennifer Hansen was listed as “Director of Real Estate Development” on the website for that business.

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