“Critical Race Theory” Falsely Blames Whites The Way Nazi Propaganda Falsely Blamed Jews In 1930s. It Teaches And Prepares Blacks In America To Fail.

Facebook just posted more unwanted, hate-America, hate Trump, hate Republican propaganda from CNN just before the election. “Critical Race Theory” falsely blames whites for every setback, failure, or disappointment faced by every black person in America. It is identical to Nazi propaganda of the 1930s that falsely taught Germans to blame Jews for every problem in their country and every failure in their lives.

It teaches and prepares blacks in America to fail by rejecting all of the principles in Stephen Covey’s iconic book “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. It ignores the countless stories of men and women of all ages races and backgrounds who achieved spectacular success in America through talent, work, training, discipline, and planning. It was created by enemies of America for the purpose of dividing, weakening, and ultimately destroying America as a free, safe, and prosperous “land of boundless opportunity”.

Please help us stop Mark Zuckerberg from using Facebook to control this year’s election.  Please copy and paste or otherwise share this post or link wherever or however you can.  The most effective way is to use the “comments” section of CNN, Patch, or other “mainstream” sites.  Thanks!

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