Culture of Violence. Atlantic City Public Schools Money Pit.

Atlantic City School Board. New larger budget. Boost in state aid, too.

Press of AC missed much of the story.

6,450 students within AC school district, at a cost of $44,496 per student.

More money coming through NJ State aid. Murphy treats AC differently. Thus, taxes remain high.

Atlantic City School District:  academic proficiency is horrible. Only 9% in 2021.

Only 9% can do simple math or reading assignments. Graduates not ready for adult life. Little to no career skills.

Culture of Violence within Atlantic City Schools.

Everybody is quiet about the crisis.

Teacher salaries are more important than student safety and success. More NJ State aid only rewards failure.

NJ Republicans must step up. They’re nowhere to be found. Nothing but silence from Republican party candidates.

NJGOP is increasingly controlled by teacher unions as well as other unions.

Questionable Bader Field racetrack plan. Destined for failure. Why do we allow politicians to control and essentially give away public property?

Politicians bear no accountability. No consequence for their actions. No pressure to make good decisions. It’s a culture of ‘nobody is responsible’.

Elon Musk and Twitter. Finally, a genuine public forum for all points of view.

Democrats love pounding Trump in the media. Keep him on the front page. Trump loves all the free publicity.

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