December 6, 2014 Meeting Update

Special Joint Meeting with V.O.N,J (Voice Over New Jersey)?? This Saturday, December 6.? ?Regular breakfast discussion will be dut to 30 minutes:? ?9:30 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. ??Joint meeting with V.O.N.J. starting at 10A.M. Shore Diner ( 6710 Tilton Road (Parkway Exit 36) Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

These are our core principles Most Americans agree with most of our principles:

  1. Raise wages and cut taxes by enforcing immigration laws.
  2. Avoid gas tax hike by ?restructuring? unconstitutional $15.6 billion ?Transportation Trust Fund Authority? debt and cutting construction costs.
  3. Restructure Stockton College debt and cut costs so that $25,000 tuition can be cut in half.
  4. Get ?Common Core? and ?PAARC? testing out of our public schools so that teachers and again teach, and students can again learn.
  5. Fix Atlantic City with liberty?cut spending, restructure debt and cut taxes. Make laws simple and easy to comply with so everyone?not just political insiders can build and do business again.?? Apply basic principles of liberty to make city cleaner and safer while spending less money.


Most Americans agree with most of our core principles most of the time.?? Most Republican and Democrat public officials want nothing to do with them.??? How can we fix this?

Liberty and Prosperity is a non-political education organization that promotes basic ideas of American liberty.??? We also teach that our ideas will not be taken seriously until we are taken seriously.?? Only people with political power are taken seriously by political people.

?VOICE OVER NEW JERSEY? will explain how people who support liberty can win political power by winning elections.?? The most important elections are the June primary elections that pick the candidates for Republicans and Democrats.

We cannot campaign for or against any candidate.? But we can teach the skills and techniques needed to run for public office and win.?? All 80 New Jersey Assembly members are up for election next year, along with? many state senators, county freeholders, and local mayors, commissions, and council members.???? To make a difference, be a candidate or run a campaign, learn more about Voice Over New Jersey.

Please learn more at our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page or our or web page.

Please pay $30 minimum dues so we can deliver our message.??? Payment? credited for 2015 membership.?? Get your tax deduction this year for next year?s fundraiser.

Liberty and Prosperity yearly wine and cheese fundraiser, Carisbrooke inn, Ventnor, NJ will be Sunday, March 8 from 2PM to 4PM.?? Guest speaker will be frequent Fox and Friends guest Alison Howard


Seth Grossman, Executive Director

453 Shore Road

Somers? Point, NJ? 08244

(609) 927-7333

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