Dem Gov. Murphy Ignores Black & Islamic Anti-Semitism, Falsely Blames Whites, Shuts Down Free Speech

David Anderson (age 47) and Francine Graham (age 50) on left murdered two Jews, a police officer, and a bystander in Jersey City last December 10.  They murdered an Uber driver with a Jewish name in Bayonne, NJ the week before. They had many guns and bombs and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.  They had plans to murder dozens of Jews, but Jersey City Detective Joseph Seals, the officer they killed probably disrupted them.  Grafton Thomas (age 37) drove 34 miles from Harlem to Monsey, New York (right next to Mahwah and Saddle River, NJ).  There he entered the home of a rabbi filled with Jews celebrating the last night of Hanukkah where he slashed and stabbed five of them.  One was a 71 year old man left with irreversible brain damage.

Last December, dozens of Jews were insulted and many physically attacked and injured on sidewalks and subway platforms throughout New York City.  In New Jersey two Jews and an Uber driver with a Jewish sounding name were murdered for being Jews in Jersey City and Bayonne.  On December 28, a man drove 34 miles to slash and stab five Jews in Monsey, New York.  Each of the attackers were black. Most identified as Democrats. After these attacks, many blacks in the neighborhood openly cheered the attacks and expressed hatred towards Jews.  Joan Terrel-Paige, a trustee of the Jersey City Public Schools posted defended the attacks on Facebook and claimed black residents were “threatened, intimidated, and attacked” by “brutes in the Jewish community.  She refused to resign or apologize for those remarks.

Here is how NJ’s Democratic Governor Phil Murphy responded:

On February 21, 2020, Murphy’s NJ State Office of Homeland Security raised the threat level for “white supremacy” groups from “moderate” to “high”. The only other group with a “high” threat level were “homegrown violent extremists”.  That was because NJ counted Saudi Air Force student Mohammed Alshamrani, who murdered three of his US Navy classmates and injured eight at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, as a “homegrown violent extremist”.

On February 26, Murphy’s Attorney General Gerbir Grewal stated that while state and federal governments would pay $2 million each year for increased security at synagogues, churches, and mosques, there was nothing he could do to find “justifiable need” for Jews and others to legally carry weapons to protect their own places of worship.

Six days later on February 27, Murphy’s Civil Rights Division “persuaded” the Newark Star Ledger and all affiliated papers (including South Jersey & Trenton Times, Jersey Journal, Suburban News) to eliminate their online “comments” section to stop “bigots” and “hate”.


Last Wednesday, February 26, 2020, Attorney General Grewal spoke at Beth El Synagogue in Margate.  His greatest deception was not from telling lies, but by cleverly leaving out very important truths. (Video#1 of 2)

At 2:40 of 1st Video: Grewal only briefly describes the murderers of the two Jews in Jersey City, the non-Jewish employee and the police officer last December.  H describes them only as “two individuals” and “domestic terrorists”.   He does not mention their names or race. He does not say which leaders or groups taught and inspired them to have such hatred for Jews.  That hatred was described in detail in their “manifesto”, Facebook posts, and text messages.  Grewal does not say which leaders or groups helped them obtain, stockpile and pay for such a stockpile of guns, bombs, and ammunition without and conceal it from authorities.

What Grewal Did Not Say:  Grewal did not mention the hateful anti-Jewish remarks made by black neighbors after the attack. He did not mention the dozens of unprovoked attacks by black against Jews in nearby New York City, including the man who drove 34 miles from Harlem to slash and stab 5 Jews with a machete in Munsey, New York.  Grewal said nothing about what, if anything, the state planned to do about removing Joan Terrel-Paige  as a trustee of the Jersey City Public Schools for her open praise of hatred and violence towards Jews.  Grewal did not at any time mention that anti-Semitism within the black community is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Text messages by 19 year old Aakash Dalal (center) to Anthony Graziano (right) proved that Dalal (a non-white of Indian descent) was the mastermind who taught Graziano to hate Jews and vandalize synagogues in 2011-2012. But where did Dalal get his hate?

At 33:22 of Video:  Grewal did speak at length about two 19 year old boys who vandalized several synagogues in and around Rutherford and Hackensack, first with spray paint—then with firebombs. Although one building was occupied, nobody was hurt. He repeated the name of one boy, Anthony Graziano who is obviously white and of Italian descent.  However, he did not mention that Aakash Dalal, the other boy, was the mastermind who taught Graziano to hate Jews and who inspired and planned the attacks.  Grewal failed to mention that Aakash Dalal, a non-white of Indian descent.  Grewal also failed to mention that these crimes took place in 2011-2012 more than eight years ago.   Both boys are serving 35 year sentences. Grewal gave no indication as to how or where Aakash Dalal developed his hatred for Jews.

Atlantic City High School 2010 Graduate Zulfi Hoxha of Margate, NJ Went To Syria and Joined the Islamic State (ISIS) in 2015.  Yet NJ Attorney General Gerbir Gruwal claims “white supremacists” are a much greater threat.

What Grewal Did Not Say:  Although speaking in a Margate, NJ synagogue, Attorney General Grewal said nothing about Zulfi Hoxha. Hoxha grew up in Margate just a few blocks away, and graduated Atlantic City High School in 2010.  His family owned Pierre’s Pizza on Washington Avenue.  Hoxha left for Syria in 2015 and becamse a commander in the Islamic State. There, Hoxha appeared in Islamic State propaganda videos beheading Kurdish prisoners and urging his friends in America to kill “kuffars” (non-believers) here. The NJ Office of Homeland Security ranks the Islamic State as only a “low level” threat.

At 22:30 of 1st Video:   Grewal uses his exaggerated claims about “white supremacists” to justify shutting down an important forum for free speech. Grewal bragged that he and his Division of Civil Rights “persuaded” the Newark Star Ledger and all of its affiliated papers to eliminate their online “comments” section.   Those newspapers are run by highly partisan Democrats.  They use their opinion sections and #FakeNews to promote Democrat candidates and causes on a daily basis. At the same time, they systematically attack and slander conservatives and Republicans. The comments section was the only way most conservatives and Republicans could defend themselves and present their views to readers of those papers. Attorney General Grewal falsely called comments sections of online newspapers “places for bigots” that “normalize” people “who spew hate”. By doing this, Attorney General Grewal conveniently helped Democratic Governor Murphy deny Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters of an important forum just before very important elections in November.

Last Wednesday, February 26, 2020, Attorney General Grewal spoke at Beth El Synagogue in Margate. His greatest deception was not from telling lies, but by cleverly leaving out very important truths. (Video#2 of 2)

At 24:17 of 2d Video:  Manish Madan, Stockton University Professor of Criminal Justice (off camera) asks NJ State officials to do more to stop “Islamaphobia” by New Jersey’s Indian-American community.   He claims Indian Americans are supporting hate against Muslims in India and Kashmir.  (During the past month, Islamic mobs in India have been attacking Hindu and Buddhist temples, beating Hindus to death on the street, and throwing rocks and acid at police.  That is because India recently passed a law permitting non-Muslim refugees from Muslim majority countries to legally live in India).

At 26:40 of 2d Video: Grewal claims there is nothing he can do to help Jews get “permits to carry” so they can defend their own synagogues. Those familiar with New Jersey’s super-restrictive gun laws know it is virtually impossible for any private citizen to legally carry a weapon in this state.   To get a “permit to carry”, a citizen must show “justifiable need” to the police chief of the town where he or she lives.   So far, police chiefs in NJ have systematically refused to find “justifiable need” for almost anyone other than retired police officers and personal friends.  So far, the New Jersey Supreme Court has refused to let judges overrule those police chiefs, regardless of the good character and proficiency of the applicant, and credible threats against him or her.  Grewal suggested that Jews lobby their legislators to change the law. However, if Grewal can instruct every law enforcement officer in New Jersey to ignore the U.S. Constitution and refuse to enforce federal immigration laws, can’t he also instruct all police chiefs to find “justifiable need” for qualified Jews of good character to carry weapons to protect those who worship in their synagogues?

At 33:22 of Second Video:  A woman in audience says after reading of the increased threat level for “white supremacists” she was fearful while attending an NAACP event at the Shiloh Baptist Church in a mostly black neighborhood in Atlantic City.   She requested bomb sniffing dogs and other security at future events.


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