Democrats say, “What’s the harm of a $3 tax most people won’t pay?”

Atlantic County, Republican Freeholders Alex Marino and John Risley support a new tax proposed by the 2??Democrats on the 9 member board that would add $3 to the cost of? every document filed with the County Clerk.???They say the money is needed to help the “homeless” even though the county is already spending $2.6 million a year on the?”homeless”, more than enough.? ?This new tax is a very bad idea for a lot of reasons.

But Democrats say, ?What?s the harm??? It?s only three dollars.? And besides only?people who buy and fix up homes and businesses, or who open business or non-profit bank accounts will pay!?

Isn?t this what Democrats said when they gave us our first temporary 3% sales tax.?? And when they then hiked it to 5, 6, and 7 percent?.?? ?And when they gave us the 14% tax on motels??? And the $3 tax on casino parking?? And the $9 parking fee at Atlantic City Airport??? And the $1.50 extra sales tax on each tire we buy, hidden taxes that pad our electric bills??? And when we still have some of the highest real estate and income taxes in the country!

So why are Republicans Alex Marino and John Risley supporting this?

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