Did Republican Freeholders Marino, Pauls and Risley read ordinance creating new tax before they voted for it?

Did Atlantic Republican Freeholders Marino, Pauls, and Risley read the ordinance they voted for??? At the hearing last week, they said the Republican County Executive and 7-2 Republican freeholder majority will decide how the $250,000 collected from the new tax each year will be spent.

But the ordinance is cleverly written to make sure that ?progressive? Democrats will dish out that money.??? A ?County Homelessness Trust Fund Task Force? will decide how the money will be spent.

Although the Republican County Executive and freeholder majority will pick members of the task force, the qualifications for membership effectively guarantee a ?progressive? Democrat majority:

The proposed ordinance reads as follows:? ??County Homelessness Trust Fund Task Force? means the (1) voluntary local committee created to advise a local government on the creation of a local homeless housing plan and participate in a local homeless housing program.? It shall include a (2) representative of the county, (3) representation from each of the three municipalities in the county with the largest population of homeless people, (4) representatives from the organization responsible for developing, implementing, or both, the local plan to end homelessness, (5) at least three homeless or formerly homeless persons, and (6) three representatives of local private or nonprofit organizations with experience in assisting the homeless or providing low-income housing?.

1.? “Voluntary? means most members will be paid ?community organizers? funded by government grants. Few, if any, conservatives, Republicans, or taxpayers will have the time or interest to be on this committee.

2. Only one member of committee will be allowed to represent the County. That one member might be a conservative, Republican, taxpayer.

3.??Two of the three communities with the largest number of homeless people? (Atlantic City and Pleasantville) have large Democratic Party majorities on their city councils and are likely to choose Democrats to be on homeless task force..

4.? And (6) Most ?local private or nonprofit organizations? dealing with ?the homeless or providing low-income housing? are funded by government grants and run by ?progressive? Democrat ?community organizers?.?? Click http://www.njregionalequity.org/ to see how many have ties to this highly political organization that supports amnesty for illegal foreigners, and government programs to redistribute wealth.

5.? How many conservative, Republican taxpayers do you think will qualify for the three slots on the Task Force reserved for ?homeless or formerly homeless persons? .

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