Disappointment in Stafford Township (Manahawkin), Ocean County

2015-common-sense-conservativesMike Mazzucca, “Common Sense Conservative” candidate for Mayor and five of their six council candidates lost Republican Primary Election bid for three year terms. Only Steve Jeffries won. A?few dozen votes separated winners from losers. “Common Sense Conservatives” won most districts where they could meet voters.? But they?lost 2 to 1 in gated communities and buildings where they were shut out.? In spite of this setback,?important lessons were learned.? This very strong challenge to a very entrenched political machine is?likely?to bring some positive change.? Visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/libertyandprosperity for more information.2015-0520-common-sense-conserve-mazzucca

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