Education: Money does not Equal Success

Yesterday’s Senate Budget Committee hearing made it clear that money does not equal success when it comes to public education. ?’s Liberty Principles include:

VII.??????????Allow parents to apply their share of state public education money to the schools they choose for the education of their children

Rather than increase the amount of money spent on public education, better results will occur when parents are given the economic freedom to choose the school that best fits their child/children’s needs and intellectual talents.

19120This point is hit home by our friends at Americans for Prosperity – New Jersey. ? Daryn Iwicki explains:

?Money does not equal results. The current system is rewarding failure and enriching an army of educrats, while the vast majority of New Jersey school children are being short-changed and property taxpayers are being stuck with the highest bills in the country.

?The status quo is unacceptable on all fronts. It?s time to ramp up our school choice efforts in New Jersey so that students in failing districts like Asbury Park have a chance to go to better schools and have a better future. And the school funding formula needs to be changed once and for all so that the money follows the child and suffering taxpayers get the relief they deserve.?

The?Asbury Park Press?reports that roughly 50% of their high school’s seniors do not graduate. ? This is despite spending $30,000 per pupil to the public education system in Asbury Park, a good portion of which comes from taxpayers in other New Jersey communities.

Money does not equal success. ? Liberty brings prosperity and educational freedom. ?A good education is liberating. ? Giving parents in failing school districts the opportunity to send their child/children to the school of their choice would set many young people free from the cycle of failure in many New Jersey school districts. ? Vouchers, tax credits, and opportunity scholarships are all needed now in our state. ? School choice equals success, not more money to the teachers union.

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