Meet Michael Cutler in Ventnor, Feb. 21: He warned since 1990’s: “No visa or immigration enforcement means more dead Americans”.

Please support our yearly?fundraiser Sunday, February 21, at?Carisbrooke Inn Bed and Breakfast, Beach Block of Little Rock Ave.,? Ventnor, NJ.???? 2pm to 4pm?wine and cheese with Michael Cutler:??$75 per person, $100 couple.??? Limited seating 11am VIP breakfast with Michael Cutler is?$250.? 2015-michael-cutler (512x288)

Michael Cutler was a criminal investigator with U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) when?Omar Abdel-Rakhman, the “Blind Sheik”, legally came to New York?with tourist visa ?in 1990.

At that time,?Republican?George Bush?the Elder was President, after being in charge of Middle East policy for Republican President Ronald Reagan during previous 8 years.??? As Vice-President, George Bush the Elder condemned Israel for destroying Iraq’s nuclear reactor, sold America’s most advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia, and demanded and got life prison sentence for?Jonathan Pollard, the “spy” who warned Israel that Iraq was building missiles and advanced chemical weapons when U.S. ignored treaty obligation to share that info.

2015-blind-sheikOmar_Abdel-Rahman-1187-1760The “Blind Sheik” was?known to have?close ties with Saudi Arabian radicals, Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, and was just released from Egyptian jail after being charged with conspiracy that murdered?Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981.?? The “Blind Sheik” immediately opened three mosques in New York where he urged his followers to?rob banks to raise funds and kill Jews.?? (Robbing banks was an important fundraising method?of Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin before 1917.?? Lenin’s most successful bank robber was Joseph Stalin.???Because of this, New York police later monitored what was being preached in mosques until NJ Republican Governor Christie made the practice public, and forced the program to end.)

Four months after arriving in New York, followers of the “Blind Sheik” gunned down Jewish Rabbi Meir Kahane on a crowded sidewalk outside of a Manhattan Hotel in November 1990.???? Three years later, followers of the “Blind Sheik” detonated a Ryder rental truck filled with explosives in the basement garage of the World Trade Center hoping to topple one tower into the other.1993-trade-center-headlines-189x267

Michael Cutler worked on the investigation that followed, as did native Atlantic City FBI agents John O’Neill and Chuck Stern.? (John O’Neill was later forced out of FBI and died while head of security at World Trade Center in 2001.? Chuck Stern got?one of the 1993 bombers to confess to?plans for future attacks on World Trade Center while extraditing him back from Pakistan in 1995).

For years, Michael Cutler then?testified before Congress and spoke around the country warning that U.S. failure to enforce immigration laws would result in more attacks and deaths.???? After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Cutler was invited to work with various committees and agencies of Congress and Republican President George Bush the Younger.??? Cutler’s recommended that immigration laws be enforced, that illegal immigrants be detained and departed, and that the foreign visitors on visas be monitored and forced to leave when they failed to comply with the conditions of their visas or when their visas expired.???? Because of the influence of powerful lobbies, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cutler’s recommendations were ignored and he was persuaded to retire from government service.1993-trade-center-bombing-630x414This event supplies roughly two thirds of our yearly funding.??? Please attend at least one of these events, and please help us sell tickets to others.? For more information, or to order tickets, come to any 9:30 am breakfast at the Shore Diner by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township/Northfield, NJ.?? Or email or call (609) 927-7333.?? Thanks.1990-kahane-1280x720

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