Electric Vehicle Fire Issue




Electric vehicles are not inherently good or bad.  They have some strong points which include they produce no air particulates during operation. There are weak points which include limited range, long charging times and their cost. Their use requires a cost benefit analysis by the users; EV’s are not all good and ICE’s all bad.

An unmentioned, basically ignored, problem is the increasing frequency of random battery fires.  This emerging issue is causing problems in Germany and has forced a recall of about 143,000 GM Bolt vehicles.

Lithium batteries burn very hot, 2000F, and for very long while producing dangerous toxic fumes.  The fire must basically be isolated and allow to gradually burn out.

There are about 40,000 EV on New Jersey roads now and the Murphy Energy plan requires they be increased to 330,000 by 2025. This is 8 times increase in EV’s.  Is this wise under this unknown situation?

Extinguishing lithium fires is different than normal fires.  Are the firefighters being supplied with the equipment and training required?  How will fires be isolated if one ignites on a narrow tree lined street or in a full parking lot.  Are there plans in place to guide the firefighters? These questions should be answered and discussed before the state forces a large increase of EV’s on the road.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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