Energy and Science

Pick up any physics book from high school, college or graduate school and you can read about many kinds of energy; gravitational potential energy, electrostatic potential energy, rotational kinetic energy, total energy, chemical energy, and so forth.  Not one the adjectives are `clean’. `Clean energy’ is a political term that ranks right up there with `green energy’ and ‘green hydrogen’.

Howard Hayden

The Energy Advocate October 2021


`Science’ is a word designating a special way to learning information about the physical world. Science gained a good reputation because engineers and scientists turn many of the discoveries of science into useful machines and knowledge that have better people’s lives.

Unfortunately, many policy advocates have hijacked the name of our profession. They incorrectly claim, one way or another, that `science’ dictates certain political policies or supports certain political claims that they advocate.

Arthur Robinson

Access to Energy December 2020


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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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