Energy Disconnect


This is comical and typical and shows the complete disconnect between the self-anointed elite `energy experts’ and the reality of providing affordable and reliable energy.

The first article in this Axios Daily Energy Newsletter (1) is `Ditching Coal is Expensive and a huge bargain’. The Axios energy writers and the International Monetary Fund `know’ the cheapest way to produce affordable and reliable energy is to abandon coal and embrace renewables.  After all the IMF issued a report saying this.

It appears the Indians forgot to read the report. While the elite issues reports, the Indians who need the power face reality. Instead of using renewables India will reopen 100 coal mines (2) to supply their power plants. Why not install renewables? Does reliable and affordable power with some side effects (coal) supersede intermittent, unreliable and expensive power also possessing side effects (wind and solar). It appears so.





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