Energy Fun Facts 12-27-2021

Energy Fun Fact #1

Excellent read.


Energy Fun Fact #2

Here is another social justice warrior `science article’ to induce terror in you. The facts included fail to identify context. Words are included to induce unsupported emotional fear. When the context is added to the facts, the danger changes quickly.

The underlying assumptions and wording of this article is to promote sheer terror, but do the facts support the assumptions.

  • Is this glacier on land or in the ocean? The article states warm water is beneath the glacier.  This implies it is presently floating and therefore cannot raise the sea level the same way a floating ice cube cannot raise the water level in the glass.
  • If the glacier is on land and warm water is flowing beneath the glacier what is the cause of the warm water. The underlying assumption is human caused global warming (climate change) is the cause. However, there are numerous volcanoes beneath the Antarctic glaciers.  If they are causing the heat then nothing can be done to stop the melting.  Is that mentioned, of course not.
  • Sea levels have risen 8 inches in the past century. That is exactly the average sea level rise for thousands of years, 8-12 inches per century.  Despite the warm water, the rising at the historical rate.  That is hardly a cause for concern.
  • What is the glacier `collapse’? This is undefined. The emotional context of collapse is a building falling down and causing many deaths and much economic loss.  Is a glacier collapse the same?  Have glaciers ever collapsed before?  What is the result and impact?
  • What is the time frame of this collapse or catastrophe? The article starts with `could’ in five (5) years but quickly shifts to a guess of 5-10 feet of sea level rise in a century. A 5–10-foot rise is 100% error in guessing. Planning for a massive sea level rise in five years is considerably different than in 100 years.  What is the time frame and how high will it be?  After all the science is settled so why isn’t the collapse time and resulting sea level rise known?  What this really means is the authors think (hope) something bad will happen sometime in the next century and we must stop it today by changing our life style by becoming poorer and less free.


Energy Fun Fact #3

Oh what a tangled web


Climate alarmists do not want to debate the issue of warming or even explain it. They demand conformance to their beliefs and assertions. To stop any questions, they claim the ‘science is settled’ and this is proven by having the literature `peer reviewed’. In the past scientific, literature was reviewed to identity errors and verify the methods and tests or experiments reasonably supported the conclusion.


Now per review means rubber stamp the alarmists’ catastrophic conclusions. The Climategate episode of ten years ago showed the alarmists will accept only peer review that completely agrees with them. This article shows the fallacy of believing peer review today can provide any insight or belief the climate alarmist papers and conclusions are remotely correct.


Energy Fun Fact #4

Ideology hits reality. The Net-zero and `leave it in the ground’ and similar slogans have the goal of replacing the convenience and ease of life today with the life of the 1600’s.  The belief that unreliable wind and solar electricity can replace reliable gas generated electricity and replace the products created from oil is based on ideological wishes and contempt for human intelligence.

Francis Menton describes the four locations, two states and two countries, where the governments will soon face whether they can convince the citizens to willingly become poorer with shorter lives to `save the planet’ or will the government force people to become poorer by depriving them of energy to `save the planet’ or will there be a revolt by many people against green, renewable (non) energy to save their lives and society.



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