Energy Fun Facts 5-23-2021


Many articles require extensive mathematical and technical knowledge to understand the arguments. However, few people perform an analysis and even fewer remember it. To explain and transmit the ideas of an article the facts must be easy to understand and be retainable. The anti-fossil fuel and anti-energy advocates are very good at the generating retainable emotional statements. Extreme weather, tipping points, saving the environment, carbon pollution are all examples of incorrect facts but they are remembered because they create an emotional response and they are retainable. The climate realists and human flourishing advocates are very poor at providing retainable explanations. This mismatch of retainable statements is one reason the horrors of The Green New Deal is even mentioned, much less actually beginning implementation,

However, all is not lost and three organizations are beginning to fight back. If you want accurate and concise information on environmental and energy issues use these websites.


Two groups provide accurate and concise information on global warming (climate change) issues. Alex Epstein provides accurate and concise information on energy. Epstein’s ‘Energy Talking Points’ is becoming better known and is being quoted in recent environmental books.


Energy Fun Fact #1

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I have mentioned Alex Epstein before and will again in the future. He is a philosopher who has become extremely influential in the energy field. His influence and expertise are in framing the energy argument. Just yelling energy is vital to human welfare and fossil fuel energy is the cheapest and most valuable fuel in history, means nothing if the benefits cannot be `framed’ or explained properly.  Epstein is an expert at this.

Last week he testified before Congress on why the Green New Deal and similar energy proposal are extremely dangerous and actually anti-human. A written copy and the video are above.  Both are worth the time to review.


Energy Fun Fact #2

My first reading of the article said it was just more puff and propaganda, but subsequent readings changed my mind. This article provides a decent amount of information to visualize a solar world. The company correctly claims if you want solar power, you must go big and that is their expertise. How big is big and what does it actually mean? They state the quantities of solar power being installed in gigawatts but they provide little understanding of the numbers. They are just numbers. However, there is a photo showing massive quantities of solar panel installations, how many panels are shown, who knows? How much land is required is not stated but the visual aspect is overwhelming.

The article identifies additional issues which affect solar, unlike most articles that omit any issue which questions the narrative that solar is 100% wonderful. There is mention of transmissions lines, backup batteries and raising money which implies cost issues. The mention of these issues is unusual.  But reliability is excluded.

This article lightly shows a view of a solar world. Excluding the issue of cost and reliability, do you want a world where the horizon is full of solar panels? That is a vital question.


Energy Fun Fact #3

What Biden And The Environmental Left Are Really Planning For Us

This plan is known as De-Industrialization.  At best, it is the return to the living standards of the 1600’s. However, since wind and solar cannot be built without fossil fuels, the resulting society will be far more primitive than 1600.  Today’s world population is about 7.8 billion. In 1600 it was estimated to be 554 million. what happens to 7.2 billion people when de-industrialization is complete?


Energy Fun Fact #4

Germany’s Windexit…Old Wind Turbines Dismantled Without Replacement…Looming “Massive Power Outage”?

Do not expect the MSM to report on this issue. The German governments is not publicly acknowledging the problem either. Another ignored small problem is wind turbines and solar panels have a 20–25-year life and then must be abandoned, torn down or essentially rebuilt.  All cost money and no funds are set aside for tearing down or rebuilding.  Nuclear, coal and gas plants have a forty-year design life and a nuclear plant can be extended to eighty years.  Whenever you hear how cheap wind and solar are the estimates should be doubled.

The article is not written that well. The numbers do not really prove anything. The real issues are the wind turbines are worn-out, without more subsides no one wants them and how will the `green’ energy be replaced?  Coal anyone?


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