Four Important Facts On Why “Green” Energy Is Not Yet Sustainable. Does More Harm Than Good.

“Green” Energy Fact #1

“Green” Energy Fact #2

There is nothing inherently wrong with geothermal energy for either area heating or electricity generation.  However, geothermal energy has always been limited by location, costs and volume of heat available. This article shows how location and possibly heat volumes may not be an issue any longer. However, the article ignores costs and blames the high costs on the fossil fuel.

`With the right policy support and investment’ – this means subsidies

Geothermal heat solutions often face unfair competition from fossil fuels due to tax treatment, electricity grid charges, and investment priorities in certain states,” he says. Like Voss, he sees policy as the answer. – nice accusation but what are the unfair advantages?

The article also ignores the drilling techniques that are proposed were developed by the oil and gas industry.

However, so-called enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), where fluid is injected into hot rock to create man-made reservoirs, means geothermal energy can now also be extracted from dry, impermeable rock. – this sounds like fracking

With EGS, geothermal energy can work virtually anywhere where there is elevated subsurface heat, says Susan Hamm, director of the Geothermal Technologies Office in the US Department of Energy (DOE). “At depths of 30,000ft (9,144m), you can access high heat consistently just about anywhere.” She admits, however, that such depths remain challenging for modern drilling capabilities. – these are ocean oilwell depth drilling depths.

So, the hated oil and gas industry develops the drilling techniques the environmental geothermal industry requires. The geothermal industry cannot use the drilling techniques because of unfair advantages of the oil and gas industry and because no one will subsidize them.  Of course, there is one issue overlooked here, the oil and gas found a high-density mobile product, oil and gas. The geothermal industry can find only heat.

“Green” Energy Fact #3

In good weather the air ships could be fun to travel. In turbulent air or storms probably not as much fun. There is an underlying assumption that human time has little value. Tha builders are selling the air ship travel on the basis of `saving the world’ which, in this case is being measured by emissions. They are not selling a unique experience, spectacular views, less hassle or anything else, just emissions.  The monetary cost is not mentioned, but human time is mentioned. Spend more time traveling, even if you do not want to, to reduce emissions and save the world.

“Green” Energy Fact #4


This is marvelous.  (1) is the thank you speech. (2) is the speech plus the context of the thank you speech. In very simple terms North Face refused to make jackets for an oilfield company because North Face hates the oil industry.  Of course, most of North Face products are made from oil derivatives. Does anyone detect a small hypocrisy here?  This video is correct in the use of oil in North Face products.  So far, the North Face response is ignore the comments and ignore the facts!

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