Enforce existing immigration laws first!

[note]Second Liberty Principle
Enforce federal immigration laws. No amnesty. Deport illegal aliens.[/note]

Enforcing existing laws reveal 350 illegal aliens working at Howard Industries in Mississippi.??Click here for the story.

Mississippi passed SB2988 that forces law enforcement in the state to enforce immigration laws.? Read the details by clicking here.

How much does illegal immigration cost NJ?? Click here to find out.

Glenn Beck offers an Argument for Idiots, when they ask you, “Well, what do we do with twenty million illegal aliens?? We can’t just send them all back!”?? For Glenn Beck’s simple and convincing argument, click here.

A recent New Jersey Appellate Court decision prevents Superior Court Judges from reporting illegal aliens.? Read the decision by clicking here.
Since the state courts are against us, it is time to take the battle to enforce our laws to each and every municipality and county in New Jersey.
To begin enforcing immigration laws locally click here.
It is possible to have our towns enforce immigration laws.
Click here for the proof.

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