Even”Liberal” Bill Maher Sees How Hollywood Inspires “Revenge” Murders

Americans always had easy access to firearms.  However, we never had the mass shootings that we have today.  What changed?

“Liberal” Bill Maher suggests that our culture has changed, and that Hollywood movies are a big part of it.  Traditional American culture always recognized that good people without power, wealth, or influence are often treated unfairly by others who have those things.

However, for more than 250 years, our culture also recognized that liberty and prosperity in America gave “boundless opportunities” for good people to apply their talent and succeed in spite of mistreatment by others through work, training, planning, discipline, and persistence.  Countless movies, plays, books, poems, and songs promoted and reinforced that culture since Benjamin Franklin published and delivered Poor Richards Almanac throughout the American colonies 300 years ago.

In this video, Bill Maher points out that today’s Hollywood movies and popular culture promote far different attitudes and behavior.  Today, Americans are told they are “entitled” to respect, recognition, and success.  And if they don’t get it, it is now normal to blame everyone but themselves for their unhappiness or failure and find purpose in their lives by getting “revenge” against the “somebody else” who is responsible.

The latest mass attacks that killed, maimed, and crippled many good people seem to be directly inspired by those Hollywood movies and equally angry and violent popular music.

They seem to include the attacks by that Walmart supervisor in Chesapeake, Virginia who murdered six of his co-workers last Tuesday, November 22.  And the “non-binary” man who murdered five patrons at a drag queen event at gay bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado last Saturday, November 19.  And the University of Virginia football player who murdered three of his teammates, including one who was in bed sleeping, on Sunday, November 13.

They may even include the man who claimed he “fell asleep” before accelerating and swerving into 75 police cadets who were jogging on a road in formation on November 16 in Los Angeles, California.

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