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“Mass Deportations Are Only Option.” Seth Grossman Speaks At Sharptown, NJ

February 13, 2024
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
24 Church Street, Pilesgrove
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Seth Grossman, Executive Director of Liberty and Prosperity will speak to the South Jersey chapter of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. He will explain why a return to pre-1965 immigration limits and mass deportations of illegal aliens are needed to save America. He will also state why these harsh measures are morally right as well as economically and politically practical. Click Here For Link To Preview Of His Talking Points:  Ten Key Immigration Talking Points That Nobody Talks About - Liberty and Prosperity
1. America NEVER BEFORE had the mass immigration that we have today.
2. In 1920, America limited immigrants to roughly 100,000 per year. This raised wages and made Americans the best paid and most productive workers in the world. Unions were weak at the time and had nothing to do with it.
3. America was never multi-cultural. Almost all immigrants knew about and admired our unique American culture. They quickly learned English and our history, traditions, and laws.
4. The 1920 immigration limits did not stop Jews from fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1930s. That was done by antisemites who Democratic President Roosevelt appointed to run his State Department. Most immigration quotas for Nazi Germany and Austria were unfilled during the 1930s.
5. The Statue of Liberty in New York built to encourage foreigners to enjoy the American Dream in their own countries  by adopting our culture and government of Liberty. The poem by Emma Lazarus welcoming "tired, poor, huddled masses” was added to the pedestal years later during the national debate on immigration.
6. America returned to mass immigration in 1965 with Democrat Ted Kennedy law that increased legal immigration by an unsustainable 400%.
7.  President Reagan and Democratic majorities in Congress made the problem worse by giving amnesty to 6 million illegal immigrants in 1986.
8. Massive legal and illegal immigration is destroying America. Roughly 49.6 million people now living in America were not born here. That is roughly 15% of our total population of 333 million, and 21% of people under 50 years old.
9. "Sealing the border" to stop illegal immigration is not nearly enough. We must also reverse what was done during at least the past twenty years.
10. Americans are not emotionally prepared to support the harsh measures needed to reverse the unsustainable immigration of the last 20 years. We need a massive education campaign to change that.
Sharptown United Methodist Church, 24 Church Street
Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 United States
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