Ten Key Immigration Talking Points That Nobody Talks About

Above Image: The Statue of Liberty was originally built to encourage people overseas to achieve liberty and prosperity in their own countries by following our example. The poem welcoming immigrants was added to the pedestal years later.  See Paragraph 5 below:

  1. America NEVER had the mass immigration that we have today. We never had ANY mass immigration except for a brief 50 years after the Civil War. That was when the new technology of large steam ships made mass immigration possible. In 1920, after an intense 50 year national conversation, new laws allowed only 100,000 immigrants per year. Americans overwhelmingly supported those new laws. Americans enforced those immigration laws until the 1970s.
  2.  The 1920 limits to immigration, together with low tax and limited government created the greatest economic boom in history. Low immigration caused a shortage of unskilled labor that raised wages for all Americans–especially Black Americans. Business owners invented and invested in new machines that made Americans the best paid and most productive workers in the world. Unions were weak and ineffective and had nothing to do with this.
  3. America was never multi-cultural. Even during our brief 50 years of mass immigrations after the Civil War, almost all immigrants knew about and admired our unique American culture. They quickly learned English and our history, traditions, and laws. They embraced our Judeo-Christian Bible values. They agreed that their success or failure would and should depend on their own talent, work and achievement—not politics and government.
  4. The 1920 immigration limits did not stop Jews from fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1930s. That was done by antisemites who Democratic President Roosevelt appointed to run his State Department. Most immigration quotas for Nazi Germany and Austria were unfilled during the 1930s. This is fully documented in the book In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson.
  5. The Statue of Liberty in New York was not built to welcome immigrants and refugees. The “Give me your tired, poor, huddled masses” poem by Emma Lazarus was added years later during the national debate on immigration. However, the official name of the statue is “Liberty Enlightening The World”. It was built and donated by people in France to thank Americans for showing by example how a government built on liberty and equal opportunity could succeed.
  6. After 1965, America returned to mass immigration with a new law pushed by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Senator Ted Kennedy. It that increased legal immigration by an unsustainable 400%. This massive legal immigration made it impossible to enforce immigration laws. Illegal immigration exploded.  We now have the same problems of poverty, crime and violence of 1890 to 1920 that America ended with immigration limits in 1920.
  7. Massive, unrestricted legal and illegal immigration is destroying America. In 2020, roughly 44 million people or 13.5% of our population foreign born. This is the highest number of foreign born residents in American history. This does not include some 20 to 30 million illegal “migrants” that were in our country when President Trump left office. This does not include the additional 8 million illegal “migrants” who came since Biden became President. 
  8. Stopping this mass immigration is not enough. We must also reverse what was done during at least the past twenty years. If we fail to do this, our children and grandchildren will soon be persecuted minorities in their own country. They will live with the same fear, violence, poverty and misery as whites in South Africa and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, as French in South Africa, and as Christians in Lebanon.
  9.  Americans are unprepared to do what is needed to reverse the unsustainable immigration of the last 20 years.  Those measures include:
    • Moratorium on all but emergency and essential immigration for a handful of hardship cases.
    • The arrest and detention of all foreigners who illegally entered the United States during the past ten years. Then speedy hearings and deportations.
    • Supplement federal law enforcement with state and local police and even citizen volunteers. Appoint large numbers of immigration hearing officers.
    • The prosecution and forfeiture of property of all individuals and organizations who interfere with the enforcement of immigration laws.
  10. We must educate Americans of the need for these harsh measures. Americans in general and Jews and Christians in particular are kind and compassionate people. Doing what is needed to save our country goes against our nature. However, we must understand that there is nothing kind or compassionate about letting mass immigration destroy the nation that has shown more kindness and compassion to more people than any other nation in history.

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