“Ex Gay”/”Gay Conversion” Activist Also Had A Right To Speak.

As Published Yesterday (1/18/2023) In Ocean City (NJ) Sentinel.  Click here for link to Opinion Page.  However, Readers’ Letters To The Editor are only published in print edition and not online.

I was at the public portion of the January 4 meeting of the Ocean City Board of Education described in last week’s article “Superintendent assailed for silence on LGBTQ+”. Most of those “LGBTQ advocates” doing the assailing were recent graduates of Ocean City High School.

That school apparently failed to teach its students that the same American ideas of liberty and unalienable rights that protect the right to choose or promote LGBTQ lifestyles also gave “ex gay” and “gay conversion therapy” activist Greg Quinlin the right to express his opinions in a public park in Ocean City last September 9.

Ocean City High School also apparently failed to teach why free speech is so important.  Some 300 years ago, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “When different political opinions collide, sparks of truth fly out and political light is obtained”.

From the remarks some of these “LGBTQ advocates” previously made about Christians, I also wonder if the Ocean City public schools ever teach students the values and achievements of John Wesley and Francis Asbury, Christian leaders whose names were given to Ocean City’s Wesley and Asbury Avenues.

It has been four months since Greg Quinlan spoke at that September 9 rally at City Hall.  I am sure that if anyone was harmed, threatened, or made “unsafe” by his words, we would have heard about it by now.  Although LGBTQs are routinely beaten and killed in many non-Christian countries, hardly anybody in America today cares what same sex couples do in their own homes.

However, Americans do care what is taught to our children and grandchildren in our public schools.  In 2012, 3.5% of American adults identified as being LGBTQ.  Last year, that number jumped to 5.6%.  If our DNA is not changing, then our culture is persuading many young people to adopt alternative lifestyles.  Parents have every right to control the culture of the schools that their children attend until their children are old enough to make their own choices.

(This final paragraph below was part of the letter that was submitted.  However, it was not published.)

Ocean City School Board members have a lot of work to do. Superintendent Matthew Friedman was correct not to pander to the handful of LGBTQ bullies who dominated the public portion of every school board meeting for the past few months.

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