Facebook Bypasses Campaign Finance Laws to Elect “Woke” Democrats.

Today’s post to my feed from Facebook, like so many others, is part of a very expensive and effective campaign to elect “woke” Democrats.  However, none of them are reported as campaign contributions as required by federal law.  Today’s post in the above image looks like a non-partisan, civic reminder to vote.  But it is not.

For months, my Facebook feed was stuffed with posts pushing only #woke Democrat talking points, even though I never friended or followed the folks who posted them.

Meanwhile, I was blocked from getting most posts from conservatives I friended or followed.  The 8,000 people who friended or followed me got few of my posts.


Many of those posts contained fake “fact-checks” that claimed my posts were “partly false” when they were entirely true.

After months of creating an audience exposed to only one side of an argument, Facebook sends personalized “non-partisan” and “civic” reminders to each member of its captive and manipulated audience reminding him or her to vote.  It takes a lot of money, people, and technology to do this.  Yet none of it is reported as campaign contributions to Democrats.

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