Facebook Pushes These Climate Lies. Then Blocks Anyone Who Posts The Truth!

  1.  MANY qualified and respected climate scientists do NOT agree that we have a “Climate Crisis” caused by man-made climate change or global warming.  One of them Michael Shellenberger, author of Apocalypse Never, and frequent visitor to Ocean City, New Jersey.

In both his book “Apocalypse Never” and his lectures (like the one last July at the Ocean City, NJ Music Pier), Shellenberger makes a persuasive, fact-based and data-based case that changes in temperature during the past fifty years have been slight, that future temperature changes will also be slight, and that what little warming is caused by fossil fuels can be easily corrected by building just a few new nuclear generators on sites already approved for existing nuclear power plants.  Other respected scientists make strong fact-based and data-based argument that most climate change is cyclical, has been going on for billions of years, and that much of it is caused by changes in the sun.

2.  The cost of renewable energy is rapidly INCREASING!  It is NOT decreasing. Click here for the article published by Mike Butler in NJ.com on November 28, 2021. According to Butler, the cost of the renewable energy called for by NJ Governor Murphy in his “Energy Master Plan” will be “astronomical”.  According to Butler, increased use of “renewable energy” in California “spiked electricity costs and hurt reliability.  Click here for its Home Page.  Home Page – Consumer Energy Alliance   

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3.  The severity of recent droughts and wildfires is driven by thousands of years of weather cycles in Australia and mismanaged forests in California.  It is NOT driven by climate. 

In the above described article entitled “Australia Drought Risk Revealed In Ice Core Analysis” in the March 31, 2018 edition of “The Land”, an Australian farming journal, researcher Mike Foley explained how ice cores in Antarctica going back thousands of years, together with tree rings going back hundreds of years, showed that the 2020 drought in Australia was part of a cycle of wet and dry periods going back long before humans began using fossil fuels. Michael Shellenberger in both his book Apocalypse Never made a convincing, fact-based case that most recent brush fires in California were caused by poor forest management.  Shellenberger also used satellite photos to show how the fires “mysteriously” stopped at the California state line!

If you click the “Home” icon on #Facebook, you will see link to “Climate science center”.

If you click that link, you will see these three Big Lies about climate that we just discussed.

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