February 8, 2014: Are we better off with a Democrat than Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo?

How do we benefit if the Congress that destroys America is run by Republicans?

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How should we deal with?a?Republican Congressman like Frank LoBiondo???Most folks at last Breakfast Discussion agreed with Rush Limbaugh http://www.rushlimbaugh.com.??Amnesty and voting rights for 20 million illegal foreigners? (i.e. immigration ?reform?) is suicide for Republican Party and the end of America as we know it.?? And with Glenn Beck.?? See:? ?http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/06/13/glenn_beck_immigration_reform_the_death_knell_of_the_country.html.

Rush pointed out that there is no logical policy or political reason for Republicans to?turn those 20 million ?undocumented Democrats? ?into ?voting citizens for 2016 Presidential elections.???But House Speaker John Boehner is determined to do that.?? And our Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo is Boehner?s most loyal supporter.

So why are they doing it???? Is it the money????Most members of Congress today are millionaires.? But were they this?wealthy when they first got elected.?? Did LoBiondo get rich during his 20 years in Congress??? Did our previous Congressman, Democrat ?Bill Hughes get rich from his 20 years???? Besides?term limits, should we end?all pension payments to all Congress members??? Why should members of Congress get fatter pensions the longer they stay in office, when the longest sitting Congress members do the most damage in bankrupting our?country?? Rush suggested that many some?Congressman may depend on?plum jobs paid for by the big “crony capitalist” corporations who now make up the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

LoBiondo was first elected in 1994 with pledge of term limits and quitting after 12 years as part of? ?Contract with America? ?that also included balanced budget.??But LoBiondo broke those promises,?was re-elected for 20 years so far.? ?Most Americans despise Congress, but ?love their own Congressman, and blame the 434 others.? The Press of Atlantic City and local radio and TV rarely interview or report on Congressman LoBiondo– unless LoBiondo?s public relations consultant feeds them a positive story about the Congressman.?? Conservatives complain about LoBiondo,? but ended up voting for him as the ?lesser of two evils?.??? NJEA Teachers and ?AFL-CIO construction worker?s? union not only endorsed LoBiondo, but pressured Democrats into not running serious candidates and campaigns against him since 2006.

But are conservatives better off with LoBiondo or a Democrat??? Mike Assad, a young computer consultant is running an underfunded campaign against LoBiondo in the June 3 Republican Primary.? ??But two effective Democrats, Bill Hughes, Jr. And David Cole are planning serious campaigns against LoBiondo in November.

Atlantic County Republican leaders still blame defeat of? Assemblyman John Amodeo last November on everything but the obvious.?? Hundreds of active conservatives in Atlantic County felt better off with a Democrat, than a “Republican” like him.????Assemblyman Amodeo went out of his way to insult, ignore, oppose, and marginalize us.?? He?even called us?”tea baggers”.???Amodeo was part of the “purge” that replaced?conservative?Republican?Joe McDevitt with Democrat union leader turned Republican Will Pauls as Atlantic County freeholder.???Is voting out Congressman LoBiondo so a Democrat wins the only way to?wake up?Republican leaders?????If Congress is destroying?America, are we better off? if?Republicans?control? it???If conservatives?are not strong enough to elect a conservative,? should we use what little voting power we have to show that this?bad behavior by Republicans will not be tolerated and ?rewarded?

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If you invest?time and money to be a candidate, spend?time and money to learn the skills?you need to win.?? We are working with Barbara Eames of Morris County? and Bill Haney of Burlington County and Tea Party other groups to sponsor 16 hours of candidate training during March 12 to 16.? West Jersey (Burlington) Tea Party will hold?session at Braddocks Tavern in Medford on March 15.?? Cost:? Roughly $50.?? Please contact us ?at info@libertyandprosperity.org? for contact info.? Or contact groups like http://www.leadershipinstitute.org/ in Arlington, VA to get training on your own.

Article V Constitutional Convention Straw Vote:??? Peter Boyce of Millville came to last Saturday?s breakfast.?? He warned that the Progressive left would probably dominate any such Convention, and have already spent millions to draft an alternate “Progressive” Constitution.??? They would? modify First Amendment to limit our freedom of speech by defining what we say as “hate” or “corporate” speech.??? They would eliminate? Second, Ninth and Tenth Amendments, scrap?term limits of President and idea of federal government having limited, ?enumerated powers.??? And including “social justice” mandates like minimum wage, free housing, medical care, heat, utilities, food, etc.???At end of his talk, we took a non-binding straw-vote.??? Roughly 20 against Article V Constitutional Convention.?? Nobody in favor.?? 3 or 4 undecided.? ??For that reason, we have no plans to deal further with the matter unless one of our members brings it up at a business meeting.

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